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The Cat
« on: Tue Jun 04, 2019 - 23:29:27 »
There was a woman and her husband. And they had owned a cat. She loved the cat. But her husband hated this cat.

He hated the cat so much that he decided to take this cat for a ride. He drove the cat a few blocks away. When the man went home yet the cat was in the drive way.

So the next day the man drove the cat across the other side of the city. And then the man drove back home he walked to the porch the cat was there eating his food. .

Then the man the following day drove the cat 2 cities away. When he got home the cat was in the living room on the rug.

Now the man was so furious  about this annoying cat. He the following day droves miles and miles away from the house. Then he even drove across the bridge. Then he made a left, a right and 2 more lefts.

Now then he let the cat out. Hours had passed by. The wife was at home. She heard the phone ring. It was her husband asking how things were going. “Fine”, she said. Then asked her next. “Is the cat at home?” he had asked. Then she said , “Sure he is at home. Why do you ask such a question?” The man answered his wife saying. “Please put the cat on the phone. I am lost out here and need directions to get home.” LOL!!!!

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The Cat
« on: Tue Jun 04, 2019 - 23:29:27 »

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Re: The Cat
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 rofl rofl rofl