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A Christian hiker was making his way through a forested area along a mountainous trail.
Suddenly he heard a roar behind him and upon turning around, saw a giant grizzly bear approaching him. The bear moved steadily closer, now about 60 feet away.

The startled hiker became terrified at the sight of this menacing bear and fell to his knees crying out, " O Father help me! Please turn this grizzly into a Christian bear. "

As soon as the words left his lips, he sensed a profound calm envelop his being. The bear immediately slowed his gait; the ferocious countenance gradually turning into one that appeared almost humanly happy. The hiker began to feel a little more at ease as the bear shuffled closer in an unthreatening manner. Then amazingly, the bear dropped on his front forepaws, stretched himself out a bit and began to speak, " Dear Father in heaven, I do most humbly give thee thanks for that good food that I am now about to receive....."


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