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Author Topic: Practical Tips  (Read 335 times)

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Practical Tips
« on: Sat Nov 10, 2012 - 07:33:16 »
Losing weight is one thing.  Keeping it off is another.  If you want to maintain your weight, there's no getting around it:  it means change of lifestyle.

Find the diet that you can stick with. 

High protein - low carbs diet works for me.  If I eat a high-carb meal, it has to be low-fat. 

Plan carefully how you'll tackle it.  Plan your menu, and have all the ingredients ready.  I had my approved "snacks" available too. 

I started by following the two-week induction by Atkins diet.  The first few days I experienced withdrawal from all the sugars I've accumulated in my system through all the years - I felt weak.  I lost a lot of weight the first week (i didn't have that much to lose btw). 

Know your weaknesses.   Know the foods that are your "enemies."  Potatoes don't seem to make me gain weight as much as pasta or rice does. 

Physical activity is a must!  15 minutes of brisk walk everyday works wonders.  I try to do that religiously - and also dance to my fave music for another 10 minutes.  If for some reasons I can't do my walk, I increase the time of my dancing.  I aim for a nice little sweating.

Don't let your pounds pile up.  If you see you're starting to gain weight, do something about it right away!

I want to lose a couple of pounds for the Christmas season - to make up for the amount of treats and eating I'll do.  You don't have to lose out on the goodies. ::smile::

MODERATION is the real answer.

Note:  when I want to lose 5 lbs FAST, I do the Atkins induction (and I find that I don't suffer from the withdrawal anymore - unlike the first time I did it), along with more physical activity!
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Practical Tips
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