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« on: Wed Sep 05, 2012 - 17:32:56 »
My daughter started going to a friends youth group and since she comes home telling me about what she has learned and since that knowledge is sound, I do not mind her going.

Two weeks ago I accompanied her so that I could donate a gift basket for a raffle.  After I gave the basket to the pastors wife, I sat down for the service.  Not one other person greeted me or acknowledged me in any way the entire service.

After the pastors sermon he went on with 10 mins of statistics of how the church is losing members at a rate of 1% per year.  He then went on to ask the congregants for suggestions about why people do not want to come to church and fellowship anymore.  I just sat in stunned amazement. I walked out just shaking my head, again to not one single word from anyone in the church.

SO......  If you are losing members and not gaining new ones, and do not know might want to teach your members how to meet and greet and generally be decent human beings. Just for your information.

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that is so true!!!!!...  ::applause::   ::nodding::  ::amen!::