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Trust in Clergy Hits All-Time Low: Poll

The proportion of people who say they trust priests to tell the truth has reached an all-time low in Britain, while the number of those trusting politicians and police has risen, according to an Ipsos MORI survey.

Only 65 percent of respondents said they trusted priests to tell the truth, according to the survey, conducted among 988 adults last month, The Times reports. Last year, 69 percent had said they could trust clergy, and in 1983, when the annual poll was first conducted, the percentage was as high as about 85 percent.

The proportion of those who say they can trust politicians rose from 17 percent to 20, while those who trust government ministers stood at 22, up from 19 percent in a poll conducted before sexual harassment allegations in parliament.

Last month, Defense Minister Sir Michael Fallon stepped down after reports of a knee-grabbing incident that took place about 15 years ago. About three dozen other members of parliament, including seven cabinet ministers and eight former ministers, were also accused of inappropriate behavior, according to Sky News.

Trust in journalists has risen to 27 percent, according to the survey, which reveals that the most-trusted group of professionals is nurses at 94 percent, followed by doctors at 91 percent. Trust in police is also at an all-time high at 74 percent. full story

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