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Author Topic: When the Year of the Second Coming Will Be, the Millennial Shabbat of Year 6000  (Read 257 times)

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I just finished a new study on why I believe the second coming of the Messiah is just under 8 years away from today. Although no one knows the day nor the hour, we can come to know the year, just as the Israelites knew the year of their own deliverance, since Abraham was told "your descendants shall be afflicted 400 years". My research is based on counting the known genealogies beginning from Adam, also certain timelines of the scriptures, like the entrance of the Israelites into Egypt, and their exodus (taking into account several misconceptions of when the 430 and 400 year timelines to the exodus of Israel from Egypt actually began), also when the first temple was constructed, then the timelines of the kings of Judah (taking into account coregencies), then the 490 years prophecy of Daniel, then the timeline from the baptism of the Messiah to today, also the Jubilee cycles of the Torah, also the 1,290+1335 years of Daniel and how they relate to the Dome of the Rock and the time of the end, and ultimately, why the Messiah would indeed come on a Year 6000 and why his rulership is one thousand years on earth. I have also converted the calculated years since the beginning into Gregorian years, where it can be seen that the calculated Gregorian year of those events do indeed line up with the approximate known year of those events by experts. http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2018/11/06/when-the-year-of-the-second-coming-will-be-the-millennial-shabbat-of-the-year-6000-yb-jubilees-and-the-12901335-days-of-daniel/ .

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Jews have various views of end-times and the millennium, and they have influenced evangelical end-times beliefs.  Many evangelicals, whether they realize it or not, are promoting two separate peoples of God - the church and Israel - and two means of salvation.   One by the finished work of Christ and the other by being a member of the Covenant people.   

One Judaic view of end-times includes the belief that there are to be a total of 7000 years of history.   The last 1000 years is to be the millennium after the 6000 years of human history have completed.

Another Judaic view (oral law) is that the only time that Jews have is the time they spend during one life on this Earth.  After that is the end of life.  The underlying belief is that God has put the Jews here to do good and help mankind during their lifetime and upon death there is nothing more to expect. 

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