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Grace Centered Forums FAQ
« on: Tue Aug 18, 2015 - 10:45:21 »
Grace Centered Forums Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a FAQ for the forum, divided into three parts:

A. The rules
B. Please read before posting.


A. Most questions can be answered simply by reading the rules.  The number one excuse moderators receive is "I didn't know."  I am sure that most of you have already read them, but some of you who are brand new may not have seen them.  Please go HERE to read the rules before continuing on.  After you read the rules, please readAbout Grace Centered Forums.  Ok, read the rules?  Good!

B. Please also read this before you continue.  Ok, now that we got the boring stuff out of the way, let's get to the good stuff...


A. Contacting Moderators.  There is a forum specifically for communication with moderators.  Please read this before posting there.  Also, please feel free to PM any mod with a question.

B. Reporting Questionable Ads

C. Posting a Picture

D. Dealing With Trolls.  It happens to every forum.  Trolls come by to cause disruption and stir things up.  They are fed by attention.  The key is to ignore them.  If you do not feed the troll, it will go away.  The moderators will clean things up once they are alerted.

E. Using the Ignore List. Let's face it, we all have people who tend to rub us the wrong way.  Rather than get into an argument, it might be best simply to add them to your ignore list.  That will automatically hide their posts.   If you do this, it would be wise to keep your ignore list to yourself.  Telling people you are ignoring them or publicly listing people you are ignoring only serves to inflame the situation.  Nothing good can come of it, so if you feel the need to put someone on your ignore list, please simply ignore them without making a big deal out of it.

F. How to Post a YouTube Video.


A. What is Manna?  Manna is the equivilent of "Like" on Facebook or "+1" on Google Plus.  If you really like a post by a user, you can click on the manna link under his or her name and it will add one manna for them.  Manna does not have any effect on the account other than letting the user know you appreciate a post.

B. How do I delete a post? Only moderators have the capability of removing posts from the forum.  If you accidentally made a duplicate post, it will most likely be removed by default.  If you made a post that you would like to be removed, please contact a moderator and explain the situation.  You'll find they are fairly accommodating when asked to remove posts.

C. How do I quote another post? Quoting Someone's Post.  Please note:  It is not necessary to quote the entire post in your reply.  Especially on our longer threads. When each person uses a quote for the entire post, you wind up with the entire thread being quoted in a single post, making it hard to read and difficult to follow.  Please, only quote the necessary portion of the post you are replying to.

D. How does Copyright law apply? If you find a news story or other webpage you would like to share here but it has its own copyright notice, how can you share it? The rules state that you can post up to 10% of an article, and they state to include a link. The "Fair Use" clause of U.S. Copyright law allows for limited reproduction without infringement. In practical terms, this means you can post the first paragraph or two of the article you wish to share here on the forum without violating the forum rules or U.S. Copyright laws.  Always, always, ALWAYS be sure to include a link to the original source material.
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