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About God, and about what is happening and what peoples are doing

Started by isadoramurta7, Sun Jul 21, 2024 - 08:25:37

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God rules the world yes.... but not as people imagine, that personally and directly by his "hand".... God will not come among people on earth to reward or rebuke them, because that is not possible,,. People reward or punish themselves on the basis of functioning God's Laws, or also cosmic laws and natural laws here on Earth. However, they are all one and the same. the same, only manifested in a different way up and down on Earth in natural laws. When people do not respect them and when they abuse them, they punish themselves. When they know them and live in accordance with God's laws, they do not punish themselves and live without punishment, without punishment , mood and so on... God does not care about the affairs of the people of this planet... He has self-acting Laws for this and that is how the world and the universe have always worked!

1. The law of retroactive action = karma for a person, what you sow is what you reap.. Everything that a person sends into space has energy, like an electric current that flows and cannot be seen... when you curse, you only get a curse in return and that amplified 10 times

2. The law of attraction of the same kind.. Only the same people and things are attracted and dissimilar people and things repel each other..

3. Law of weight .. light rises, heavy falls .. This Law is manifested especially after death, because a heavy soul, too dark people will fall down to the low planets of darkness .. light souls, good and not dragged by the dark will rise up to the light, where is beauty, splendor, lightness

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