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US troops

Started by lightshineon, Tue Mar 30, 2010 - 13:36:00

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 I was listening to K-Love last week, and a solider was getting ready to be deployed for the seventh time. He has been home five months in the last, I think he said five years. His wife, and nine year old were devastated. This is ridiculous that Obama, and congress are cutting funds sending the same men, and women over, and over for deployment. It makes one wonder who's side he is on anyway? Not really, I know who's side he is on, and well not the troops. There have been many more injuries, and deaths in Obamas war, vs Bush's war and not a little peep from liberals. They are suffering battle fatigue, and congress, and the " ONE" cut their funding? ???



Time to bring them home and let the afgans and iraqis sort it out


Quote from: BAH-BLAH on Tue Mar 30, 2010 - 13:42:36

Time to bring them home and let the afgans and iraqis sort it out

Maybe, but, if they do not do that Obama needs to quit defeating our own men and women. How demoralizing, which is probably the reason he cut funding.


Yeah, in Bush's war,...the ill outfitted troops in Iraq had to salvage armor from other vehicles to strap to their hum v's,...I had friends with the national guard who brought back those stories.

Bush started both the Iraqi and the Afghan wars,...Obama has escalated Afghan's war based on the suggestion of the same military commanders that proposed the surge in Iraq under Bush, which was supposedly successful.

I think we should bring them all home and fortify our borders to the hilt and check with a fine toothed comb everyone and every shipment coming into our country. Do not accept visitors, students or immigrants from those nations,....sever trade ties with them and tell them to drink their oil.  Mark my words,  when we leave both of those countries,...things will go back to the way they were before we were there,...and maybe worse,....count on it.  We are not the world police,....we balk at paying for fellow taxpaying citizen's healthcare, but want to dump loads of $$ and precious American lives for the freedom of the Afghani and Iraqi people who have never paid a red cent in US taxes and HATE OUR GUTS.

And if you think we are not over there for the oil, what do you think we are over there for?  WMD's??? Terrorists????Most of the 9/11 terrorists were trained in Saudi Arabia,...whom Bush held hands with and kissed. Are we there to keep Iran at bay,...they will move in when we move out,...and they are developing wmd's,....and we have known that all along and also that the psycho Kim Jeung Ill in North Korea has WMD's,...I think we probably know approximately where they are too.  Why didn't we go after those? instead of into iraq.  At least when we went into Afghanistan we were supposedly chasing Askyomama bin Laden.

Is there such a thing as a winable war?  And if so, considering the specifics of these two nations,......are either of these warfronts in that category?



 JQ, remember whose buttocks were posed high in the air bowing to the Saudi King?


yea yea he held hands, I didn't even look at it, I know what it is.

I wonder who cut the military budget to the point it was when "Bushes" war started? Bush? er, uh.....that other dude?

That some kook cut the military shouldnt disctate whether we go to war. That we should or shouldnt have for OTHER reasons is beside the point. Bush had the military he found when he got there.

Its these types of irrational histrionic verbal associations that keep the dialog from being productive. YOU KNOW wy the military was ill equipped. In fact if republicans were quite as ridiculous with these Michael Moore clever dot connecting assertions, they'd have made propaganda out of each IED death as a slam on Clinton.....I ASSURE you the dems and media would have had it been the reverse.

When you think about current events, do you view EVERYTHING through some "compared-to-Bush-o-meter"?

Its CHILDISH when anyone does it. Like I said its one reason i cant do hannity. he is KING of this stuff from the right, " oh yea, so our guy slept with a gazelle, what about the democrat who slept with a platypus?"

ITS RIDICULOUS and I cannot grasp what drives the mind to do relativism like that. Do you run all the way back to Washington, comparing each and every action to an equal but opposite action by all other presidents? If not, why not?

I'd bet Millard Filmore has a lot of material to work with. Man, that dude opposed texas as a state. If that aint enough to P155 you off nuthin is.

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