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yogi bear


Started by Rella, Mon May 27, 2024 - 14:14:31

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Our own Buff had posted this elsewhere...

The Late

Author & "Inventor" of the Modern-Day

I issue a challenge this day to anyone who can document valid evidence that the "Rapture" dogma, as publicized today, was taught by any church leader or "church father" prior to 257 years ago." In 1742-44, Morgan Edwards wrote a book on the modern-day "Rapture" doctrine. It was published in 1788. Thus began the contemporary "Rapture" melodrama.

Morgan became a Baptist leader of notoriety, confirming my conviction that the "Rapture" doctrine is largely a Baptist doctrine, not a doctrine of Jesus and his apostles. As far as my research implies, there's no record prior to 1742 of the "Rapture" doctrine being taught or its details being published by anyone, not even by the "church fathers." It strikes me rather odd that if the "Rapture" doctrine is a divine teaching, why did our "church fathers" fail to write about it? They wrote about all other major doctrines of the apostles. Why would they overlook a major topic as important as the "Rapture?"

It should be noted at this juncture that the "Rapture" teaching has Jesus descending twice more, once to "rapture" saints and once to put an end to the so-called "Tribulation" and "Armageddon," followed by a thousand-year earthly government. In this matter, the "Rapture" advocates select a few distinct, highly symbolic passages from the Book of Revelation, tie them in with the Thessalonian verses, and the screenplay is consummated. Please keep that idea in mind as we examine this dramatic creed. For if these verses fail to advance the "Rapture" doctrine, it falls by the wayside.

It is wise to remember that nowhere in scripture is it taught, or remotely indicated, that Jesus will personally and visibly return twice more. His second advent is alluded to time after time, but never a third advent. Nor do the scriptures speak of saints ascending into heaven twice, once at the so-called "Rapture," and once again "when the thousand years are over," as the doctrine is advocated.

Before delving further into the "Rapture" doctrine and its biblical authenticity, I think it wise that we identify the doctrine's composition, for I do not wish to misrepresent. Let's begin with the term "rapture."

1] "Rapture" is not found in any of our oldest Greek manuscripts. It has its origin in the Latin word "rapere," which means to "take away," "snatch out," or "to seize." We must not call "rapture" a biblical term for there is no Greek word that translates it—at least none I have discovered.

2] The idea is that Jesus will suddenly appear in the air to snatch away from the earth and take to heaven all living saints, as well as the resurrected bodies of those believers who have died.

3] If you are on the roof of your house, or riding horseback, or in your car on a busy highway, or in bed with your spouse, you will be "snatched" or "caught up"—disappear all of a sudden. Your unregenerate friends and relatives will be amazed at your sudden disappearance. Cars will crash without drivers; planes will fall without pilots.

4] At the "Rapture," Jesus "snatches up the church" only. But at "The Revelation," when He is revealed once again, He will "return with the church" and bring an end to "The Tribulation" and "Armageddon." A thousand-year earthly government and reign will then commence.

Does this sound like something you've never heard before? If yes, it is because you've never read it before—at least not in the scriptures. The scriptures used to support the "Rapture" are 1st Thessalonians 4:13-17, where Paul deals with the Lord's return. Revelation, chapters 4-5, are supposed to capture the heavenly scene, and the 7-year "Tribulation" period, which follows the "snatching up," is described in Revelation, chapters 4-19—or so allege the "Rapture" defenders.

If 1st Thessalonians 4:13-17 do not teach the "Rapture" creed, the entire core of the screenplay collapses. We agree that when Jesus returns, He will bring with him "those who have fallen asleep" [v.14]. Furthermore, we concur that when He makes His second advent, He will "snatch up" those of us still living "to meet the Lord in the air" [v.17].

It is agreed further that those of us still living will not precede or go ahead of those who have died [v.15]. We will be caught up together with departed saints, after they have been resurrected from their paradise abode. These saints will accompany Jesus ["God will bring with Jesus," v.14] as He gathers to Himself those who are still alive.

This is where the agreement ends. Our premillennial advocates have Jesus descending twice, once to "Rapture" saints and once more when He returns with them to put an end to "The Tribulation" and "Armageddon," followed by a thousand-year earthly government. It seems quite clear, in spite of all the efforts of rapture enthusiasts to authenticate this delusive and deceptive doctrinal theory, it cannot be established as having preceded from Heaven.�


The excerpt explores the origins and interpretations of the "Rapture" doctrine, questioning its historical roots and biblical authenticity. It challenges the notion that the doctrine was taught by church leaders or "church fathers" prior to the writings of Morgan Edwards in the 18th century, emphasizing its association primarily with Baptist theology rather than with the teachings of Jesus and his apostles. Highlighting the absence of explicit biblical references to the term "Rapture" and the disagreements over its interpretation, the text invites readers to reconsider their beliefs and interpretations in light of historical and biblical evidence.

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