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Roman politics

Started by Amo, Fri Jun 24, 2016 - 20:10:38

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Quoted article below from link above. My comments in blue.

QuotePope Francis calls for end to anti-gay laws and LGBTQ+ welcome from church

Pope Francis has criticised laws that criminalise homosexuality as "unjust", saying God loves all his children just as they are, and calling on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ+ people into the church.

"Being homosexual isn't a crime," Francis said on Tuesday in an interview.

Francis acknowledged that Catholic bishops in some parts of the world support laws that criminalise homosexuality or discriminate against LGBTQ+ people, and he himself referred to the issue in terms of "sin". But he attributed such attitudes to cultural backgrounds and said bishops in particular need to undergo a process of change to recognise the dignity of everyone.

"These bishops have to have a process of conversion," he said, adding that they should apply "tenderness, please, as God has, for each one of us".

Francis's comments, which were hailed by gay rights advocates as a milestone, are the first uttered by a pope about such laws. But they are also consistent with his overall approach to LGBTQ+ people and his belief that the Catholic Church should welcome everyone and not discriminate.

Some 67 countries or jurisdictions worldwide criminalise consensual same-sex sexual activity, 11 of which can or do impose the death penalty, according to The Human Dignity Trust, which works to end such laws. Experts say even where the laws are not enforced, they contribute to harassment, stigmatisation and violence against LGBTQ+ people.

In the US, more than a dozen states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books, despite a 2003 supreme court ruling declaring them unconstitutional. Gay rights advocates say the antiquated laws are used to justify harassment, and point to new legislation, such as the "Don't say gay" law in Florida, which forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten up to third grade, as evidence of continued efforts to marginalise LGBTQ+ people.

The UN has repeatedly called for an end to laws criminalising homosexuality outright, saying they violate rights to privacy and freedom from discrimination and are a breach of countries' obligations under international law to protect the human rights of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Declaring such laws "unjust", Francis said the Catholic church can and should work to put an end to them. "It must do this. It must do this," he said.

Francis quoted the Catholic catechism in saying gay people must be welcomed and respected, and should not be marginalised or discriminated against.

"We are all children of God, and God loves us as we are and for the strength that each of us fights for our dignity," Francis said.

Francis's remarks come ahead of a trip to Africa, where such laws are common, as they are in the Middle East. Many date from British colonial times or are inspired by Islamic law. Some Catholic bishops have strongly upheld them as consistent with Vatican teaching, while others have called for them to be overturned as a violation of basic human dignity.

On Tuesday, Francis said there needed to be a distinction between a crime and a sin with regard to homosexuality. Church teaching holds that homosexual acts are sinful, or "intrinsically disordered", but that gay people must be treated with dignity and respect.

Francis articulated the position: "It's not a crime. Yes, but it's a sin. Fine, but first let's distinguish between a sin and a crime."

"It's also a sin to lack charity with one another," he added.

Francis has not changed the church's teaching, which has long riled gay Catholics. But he has made reaching out to LGBTQ+ people a hallmark of his papacy.

The pope's comments didn't specifically address transgender or nonbinary people, just homosexuality, but advocates of greater LGBTQ+ inclusion in the Catholic Church hailed the pope's comments as a momentous advance.

"His historic statement should send a message to world leaders and millions of Catholics around the world: LGBTQ people deserve to live in a world without violence and condemnation, and more kindness and understanding," said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of the US-based advocacy group Glaad.

The problem with the above of course, is the gay and LGBTQ agenda of indoctrinating children and societies with public education and or promotion of their life styles. While bible believers are strictly forbidden from teaching their biblically based life styles in such areas.

 The Roman Catholic church was very instrumental in having bibles removed from public schools, not to mention history books which recounted history about them in an unfavorable manner, regardless of their accuracy concerning such. Where is their objection today, of the gay and LBGTQ lifestyles being normalized and or promoted within our public education systems?

As has been witnessed already, laws forbidding discrimination of gay or LBGTQ lifestyles, are often used to force acceptance of such by individuals and or businesses. In demanding not only the acceptance of, but actual participation and or support of lifestyles many do not agree with. Where is the Pope's warning concerning this abuse as well? Where is his defense of the chosen lifestyles of bible believing Christians in these particulars?


Quoted article below from link above. My comments in blue.

QuoteDonald Trump is Winning the Catholic Vote, which has Historically Determined the Winner of the Presidential Election

Winning the Catholic vote can certainly increase a presidential candidate's chances of securing the White House, especially in key swing states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, where Catholic voters are a sizable demographic. In recent elections, the Catholic vote has been fairly evenly split between Democratic and Republican candidates. However, a recent poll shows Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by +23% among Michigan Catholics, an important battleground state that could swing the election.

On March 19, 2024, Townhall reported the following:

• "New polling shows a commanding +23% lead for President Trump among Michigan Catholics, a key voting block for November in this super competitive battleground state. Right now, per a survey commissioned by the League of American Workers, Trump earns 54% of the Catholic vote in the Great Lakes State vs. 31% for Biden and undecided at 15%."

• "Historically, the Catholic voter base has a stellar record in determining the presidential winner. In fact, before the 2020 election, for a half century the Catholic vote went to the presidential winner in every contest but one."

• "In 2020, Pew showed only a slight 1% edge for Trump, 50–49% among Catholics ... But those same states today reveal a very different reality. In fact, if current trends hold, Trump could well enjoy a victory among Catholic voters that far exceeds his prior 2016 triumph."

In American politics, the Catholic vote is significant because of its size, geographic distribution, and ability to influence election results. With approximately one-fifth of the U.S. population identifying as Catholic, this demographic forms a substantial voting bloc, particularly in key battleground states.

Consequently, candidates often tailor their campaigns to appeal to Catholic voters, recognizing their influence in swing states and their potential to tip the balance in closely contested elections. As such, understanding and courting the Catholic vote has become an integral part of political strategy for presidential candidates seeking to secure victory.

Imagine that, a once predominantly Protestant nation ruled by a majority of Catholic politicians, and populated by enough Catholics to be the determining factor in every Presidential election. Gee, I wonder how this happened? Can you say one mass migration of predominantly Catholic peoples after another, after another, after another? Largely facilitated and supported by the Catholic Church itself, and the teachings of Roman Catholic Social Justice being established and enforced within our nation?

QuoteIn America, particularly, is this investigation important. In all the countries over which it has triumphed, Popery, like the anaconda, has wound around its folds of art, of cunning, of superstition and of power, until, enclosing everything in its too friendly embraces, it has, with one tremendous effort, crushed the nation to death. It sends forth its missionaries; it gathers its schools and colleges; it erects its cathedrals and builds its churches; it is patriotic, benevolent, charitable. Its alms and offerings attract the vulgar, its austerities and penances convince the sceptical. It is at first tolerated; then approved; next obeyed! But now come the dread realities of the system, taxation, passive submission, excommunications, interdicts, crusades, the inquisition, destruction. Yes, Popery has well nigh destroyed every country in which it has been predominant. The liberties and national prosperity of a people cannot coexist with such a system.

Let then, Americans — Americans, who have never witnessed a Court of Inquisition, or an Auto-da-fe, on their virgin soil; Americans, whose national liberties are still fragrant with the blood of revolutionary forefathers; Americans, whose proud eminence in the civilized world, gives them more to lose than other nations; let Americans especially examine this subject well. And if, in such an examination, the following pages shall contribute but a mite to the discovery of the truth, the author will feel himself more than compensated for the labor they have cost him.(CHRIST AND ANTICHRIST, by Samuel J. Cassels, PART 2


Quoted article below from link above.

QuoteJesuits and Evangelicals Met with US Lawmakers to Promote Laudato Si'

On March 20, 2024, Evangelical Christians and representatives of Rome's extensive network of climate organizations, including the Jesuits, gathered on Capitol Hill with the sole intention of pressuring our legislators to enact climate policies, namely those outlined in Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si'. This is the same document that calls for Sunday to be the "law of weekly rest" in order to save the environment (Laudato Si' #237). Without a doubt, Protestants and Catholics were in Washington, D.C., to influence government policy on behalf of their respective organizations – Rome. They were there to advocate for policies, legislation, and regulations that aligned with their own personal interests.

The National Catholic Reporter published an article titled "Catholic, Christian Groups Share Faith-Driven Plan for Climate Adaptation with Congress" on March 21, 2024. Whose "faith-driven" plan was proposed to "Congress" for consideration? It was Rome's plan, as contained in Laudato Si'. The article states, in part:

"Catholic and Christian groups joined together March 20 to discuss a faith-driven approach to solving problems associated with climate change in a panel discussion on Capitol Hill."

• "At the event sponsored by Catholic Relief Services, the offices of Sens. Bill Cassidy, R-La., and Tim Kaine, D-Va., National Latino Evangelical Coalition, National Association of Evangelicals, Evangelical Environmental Network, Laudato Si' Movement, Kingdom Mission Society, Catholic Climate Covenant, Jesuit Conference Office of Justice and Ecology, World Relief and World Vision, participants discussed the need to help vulnerable communities adapt to changes in climate."

"The event brought together staffers from offices in both chambers and both main political parties. Amid a time of intense partisanship and polarization, some recent data indicates Republicans' views on climate change have shifted, particularly among younger Republicans."

• "Meghan Goodwin, senior policy and legislative specialist for CRS (Catholic Relief Services), said that 'the Catholic faith considers reason, including both philosophy and science, as a crucial element in interpreting the scriptures to apply to the world today'."

"Citing Pope Francis' interpretation of Genesis in his encyclical on caring for creation, Laudato Si', Goodwin said Francis 'calls us to remember the human face of the climate crisis. He (Pope Francis) writes that we are faced with one complex crisis, which is both social and environmental. Strategies for a solution demand an integrated approach to combating poverty, restoring dignity to the excluded, and at the same time, protecting nature,' Goodwin said."

Do you not see the problem when religious agitators, church organizations, and even the Jesuits begin pressuring our politicians? There is a "faith-driven" climate agenda called Laudato Si' that is being pushed in our US Congress. Jesuits are using their influence to lobby political leaders by urging them to adopt Laudato Si'. They are petitioning policymakers, including members of Congress, their staff, and government officials, to follow the Pope's message on the environment.

Here is the real problem and fulfillment of what we are seeing today:

 "The church appeals to the strong arm of civil power, and, in this work, papists and Protestants unite" (Great Controversy, p. 607).

"Political corruption is destroying love of justice and regard for truth; and even in free America, rulers and legislators, in order to secure public favor, will yield to the popular demand for a law enforcing Sunday observance" (Great Controversy, p. 592).

"To secure popularity and patronage, legislators will yield to the demand for Sunday laws. But those who fear God, cannot accept an institution that violates a precept of the Decalogue" (Prophets and Kings, p. 605).

Rome is working tirelessly to spread Catholic social doctrine, her wine, throughout the world. Her Jesuits are about to strike a decisive blow against our liberties. How blind are the Protestant and political worlds to come together to help her achieve her goal? In this moment of great urgency, as Roman Catholics around the world lobby for global climate change and a Sunday law, Laudato Si, may we also rise up and fulfill our work of spreading the Three Angels' Message.

There will be two clear voices being heard as we enter the final crisis. Rome's clear call that Sunday is the solution to saving the planet and the warning message found in the Third Angel's Message against the mark of the beast. God will always have a people who will step up in every crisis to meet the challenge. Praise God!

There you have it. Catholic and Protestant politicians and leaders conspiring to legislatively establish Roman Catholic teaching and policy, over an above the will of the people. Effectively bypassing our Constitutional and supposed representative form of government. They represent Babylon the Great, not the American people. Controlling all three branches of our government created to maintain a balance of power, with their traitorous minions occupying both political parties.


Quoted article below from link above.

QuotePedophile Priests Have 'Property Right' Not To Be Sued For Raping Children Rules Louisiana Supreme Court

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled that children sexually molested by pedophile priests cannot sue their abusers due to "property rights."

The court ruled 4-3 that it's the due process rights of priests and their enablers to not be held accountable in instances of sexual assault.

The case, Bienvenu v. Diocese of Lafayette, was brought by Douglas Bienvenu and several other plaintiffs who were molested by a notorious Catholic priest during the 1970s when they were between the ages of 8 and 14.

However, in its decision, the court ruled that even though the facts were indisputable, the pedophile priest—and the Catholic Church—is protected under the U.S. Constitution's due process clause, which says that no one shall be "deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law."

Per the New Republic:

"Given these constitutional limitations, the issue presented by this case turns on whether the revival provisions operate to disturb defendants' vested rights," wrote Louisiana Justice James Genovese, specifying that "we are constrained to find the statutory enactment is contrary to the due process protections enshrined in our constitution and must yield to that supreme law."

The Louisiana Child Victims Act, according to the court, "cannot be retroactively applied to revive plaintiffs' prescribed causes of action" on the basis that such an action would "divest defendants of their vested right to plead prescription."

The Louisiana legislature passed the act in 2021 to establish a "look-back" window for sexual assault victims.

The legislation provided victims of sexual abuse crimes from any period with an opportunity to pursue justice against their alleged abusers, so long as they filed their lawsuits before June 2024.

But the  court effectively ruled that the look-back window was actually unconstitutional.

Louisiana is not the only state to repeal such a law. Courts in Utah and Colorado also found similar look-back windows to be unconstitutional, and other windows across the country continue to be challenged due to the complications of prosecuting crimes with minimal evidence and which may have taken place decades in the past.

Meanwhile, pedophile priests continue to enjoy protection by the Vatican.

Pope Francis has compared people who accuse Catholic bishops of sex crimes and cover-ups to Satan, while claiming these whistleblowers are only seeking to "unveil sins" in order to "scandalize people."

Victim blaming at it's finest.


Quoted article below from link above.

QuoteInspired by Pope Francis, the Muslim World Just Released Their Own Version of Laudato Si' for Islam

Rome's influence continues to have a global impact as it works to close the gap between itself and all other religions. For decades, the Vatican has been trying to form a geopolitical and religious alliance with all different segments of society around the world. The plan is taking shape as Muslims have not only adopted Roman Catholic initiatives; they are also advancing them and giving their power and strength unto the beast of Bible prophecy.

According to an article published by NOLA Media Group on April 21, 2024, the Muslim world has adopted their own version of Laudato Si' called "Al-Mizan," which, according to the Roman Catholic leaders, is in line with and a counterpart to the Pope's encyclical. Truly, the world is coming together as one.

NOLA Media Group published the following:

• "When Pope Francis released his encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si', in 2015, Muslims, Hindus and other faith leaders joined Christians in dialogues in response to the pontiff's powerful call to tend to climate change as a matter of faith. Now, nine years later, Islamic leaders have released a counterpart to the Vatican document."

• "The document was drafted by scholars and members of leading Islamic organizations, including the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences and Uskudar University in Istanbul."

• "Christian leaders said the document struck a balance between the Islamic worldview and the Christian perspective, particularly that of the Catholic Church."

• "In many ways, 'Al-Mizan' is the Islamic equivalent to 'Laudato Si',' the encyclical of Pope Francis, and more recently, the 'Laudate Deum,' a follow-up document," Catholic Archbishop Hubertus van Megen, the apostolic nuncio in Kenya and South Sudan, told those gathered for the announcement. 'Al-Mizan,' although building entirely on its own profound Islamic tradition, resonates in many ways the teachings of 'Laudato Si'."

• "In fact, I would like to invite all of you to read them in tandem, as they raise together a harmonious song of praise, who is the creator of the universe," said van Megen."

Laudato Si' is the foundation for the coming solidarity between Islam and Catholicism. Rome's common ground philosophy, as defined in Laudato Si', is what binds even the Protestant world to her. As Rome's power and influence grows around the world, she will soon be able to implement any political or economic strategy that furthers her goals and aspirations. Rome is positioning herself to be the main negotiator and mediator on social and political issues, above all others. This is exactly what the prophecy predicts.

"And all the world wondered after the beast." Revelation 13:3.

The Catholic crusades against Muslims are over, and Rome has come out on top. With 1.9 billion adherents, Islam has impeded the Pope's aspirations to rule the world. Not anymore. Today, we are witnessing, in real time, how the Mohammedans are being led into captivity by Rome. Truly, the whole world is wondering after the beast! That is precisely what we are seeing today. The prophecies of Revelation Chapters 13, 17, and 18 are taking shape, and this should make us aware of the signs of the times. The end is near.

Prophecy warns us that when we see the great religious bodies uniting, this act will precede the final conflict in the great controversy. In this conflict, God's people cannot be neutral or ecumenical. Our message is more important now than it has ever been. In fact, the closer we get to the end of time, the more spiritually significant the Third Angel's Message becomes.


Quoted article below from link above.

QuoteWake Up America, Wake Up World

Paul Blanshard was one of the most outspoken, far-reaching critics of Catholic power in American society. He was an American author, public official, lawyer, and political activist. His uncompromising criticism—yea, exposure—of the Catholic campaign to overtake America was met with ridicule and accusations of being anti-Catholic. He was assailed as a Catholic basher and troublemaker.

His book, American Freedom and Catholic Power, is perhaps his most comprehensive treatment of the impact, goals, and objectives of Roman Catholicism in America. In it, Blanshard not only delineates the focused determination of the church's hierarchy to rule America, but he also sounded a clarion call for the nation to be more aware of the inroads of this most formidable foe of our civil and religious liberties. He writes: "There is no Catholic plan for America distinct from the Catholic plan for the world. The hierarchy's techniques of promotion vary from country to country, but the masterplan is only one plan, and the world-wide strategy is directed from Rome. In a Catholic world, every national government would establish the Roman Catholic Church in a unique position of privilege, and support its teachers and priests out of public revenues. This is what the Holy See has always demanded in every country where it has had the power to support the demand with reasonable strength" (Paul Blanshard, American Freedom and Catholic Power, p. 269–270).

Blanshard was certainly not the first to sound this alarm. Thomas Maley Harris, physician, politician, Army General, and member of the military commission that tried the Lincoln Conspirators, emphasized the threats of the Roman Papacy to our blood-bought freedoms in his long-forgotten masterpiece, Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Harris provided incontrovertible evidence that the Jesuit Order, the most cruel, unscrupulous, deceptive, and powerful champions of popery, conspired to eliminate the one who engineered the end of the civil war and bequeathed to the nation tangible hopes of a more perfect union.

General Harris writes: "It [the Roman Papacy] is, in fact, only a compact, well-organized, and powerful political machine, wielded in the interest of the greatest despotism that has ever cursed the earth. "If any man have not the spirit of Christ he is none of His;" and if this organization has not the spirit of Christ, it is not a church of Christ. That it is not animated by the Christ spirit is clearly manifest".

He continued: "It has never manifested the spirit of Christ in all of its past history, and so is not a Christian church at all; and as it has always been grasping after temporal power, and civil domination, and is now, as it always has been, laboring for civil supremacy all over the world, we are surely warranted in calling it a huge and dangerous political machine, that has stolen the livery of heaven to enable it the more effectually to serve the Devil; and the more easily to deceive and enslave mankind).

He concluded: "But are our institutions in danger from this foe? Have we any cause for alarm? Is it necessary that we should sound the trumpet throughout the length and breadth of our land, and muster the hosts of freedom for the conflict? Yes, my fellow countrymen; there is cause for alarm, there is real danger in the immediate situation" (Thomas M. Harris, Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln). If there was a danger in Harris' time, then today we are undoubtedly standing on the precipice of a catastrophe that neither mind can imagine nor pen can portray.

The Biblical prophet Daniel foretold: " And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book" (Daniel 12:1). It is not too difficult to conjecture that the world is on the brink of a stupendous crisis, and the Roman power is involved in every aspect.

We are living in rather troubling times, aren't we? There are wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes and tsunamis, pestilences, uncertain economic times, killings of innocent babies, moral declension, and a host of other atrocities too numerous to mention. It is exactly as our Savior predicted it would be just before He returns. But then He added: "All these are the beginning of sorrows" (Matthew 24:8). In colloquial terms, "we ain't seen nothing yet". The worst is yet to come...but praise God, beyond that, the BEST is yet to come.

But what about America? What is her position, and what role is she playing in this universal malaise of conflict, confusion, and uncertainty?

The Pilgrims had landed at Plymouth Rock. This band of religious enthusiasts was fleeing the persecution of the church-state union that reigned throughout Europe. Sadly, however, they implemented the same policies of their former persecutors on the shores of their new-found home. Those who did not go along with their religious tenets were persecuted, harassed, and killed by the civic authorities for not following the doctrines of the church. Just as it was in the Old World, one of those doctrines was going to church on Sunday ... Sunday sacredness.

But there arose one from among them who vehemently disagreed with that concept. His name was Roger Williams, and this is what he said: "An enforced uniformity of religion throughout a nation or civil state confounds the civil and religious, denies the principles of Christianity and civility, and that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh." (1644, Roger Williams,founder of Rhode Island, The Bloody Tenet of Persecution for Cause of Conscience).

Moving a little closer, we see a band of revolutionaries, no doubt influenced and inspired by the sentiments of Roger Williams, organized to cast off the yoke of the European church/state enterprise that controlled the lives of the people for more than 100 years. They would eventually not only succeed in their rebellion to separate from that system of tyranny, but they would also establish a country that would be founded on a completely different sort of principle.

Expressed in their founding documents is the foundational principle that would be the source of the nation's strength and power for as long as it exists—the separation of church and state...a country without a king and a church without a pope: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" (1st Amendment of the US Constitution).

Republicanism: (no, not the Republican Party) a government of the people, by the people, and for the people where the majority rules with respect for minority rights was the underlying idea. Though it is not perfect, it has served us well for almost 250 years. It would become a beacon of hope for millions around the world.

Here is a thought of one of the originators of that document and the country it birthed: "The experience of the United States is a happy disproof of the error so long rooted in the unenlightened minds of well-meaning Christians, as well as in the corrupt hearts of persecuting usurpers, that without legal incorporation of religious and civil polity, neither could be supported. A mutual independence is found most friendly to practical religion, to social harmony, and to political prosperity" (James Madison, Letter to F.L. Schaeffer, December 3, 1821).

In our not-too-distant past, we see a man by the name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He was the great grandson of one of those families that fled the continent of Europe to establish a better life for themselves in the land born out of the conviction of Roger Williams and solidified by James Madison and the Revolutionary Founding Fathers of this great nation we call the United States of America.

JFK was a gentleman, a war hero, and raised in a culture of public service. He wanted to run for president, the highest elected office in the land of the free and home of the brave. But he had a problem. He was a Roman Catholic. Americans, ever since the days of its founding, knowing well the true nature of the European Ecclesiastical Establishment, had educated their children to abhor popery (not individual Roman Catholics), but the hierarchy was characterized by its usurpation of civil and religious liberties. It's the system from which millions fled to the new world in order to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences.

In his quest for the presidency, young Mr. Kennedy had to convince the leading ministers of the land that he would not rule the nation based on the principles of his Church's hierarchy. And indeed, he did. In his most memorable speech given to those ministers gathered in Houston, Texas, on September 12, 1960, the aspiring president declared: "I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish; where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials; and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all." Unfortunately, after becoming president, he was brutally mowed down by an assassin's bullet before an onlooking world. Had he lived and his ideas prevailed, perhaps we would not be in the cultural and political conundrum in which we are emersed in today.

But how far have we come? Leading ministers, both Protestant and Catholic, are striving in cooperation with the state to impose their will upon the people. Historical and spiritual amnesia have steeped in, and large swats of the populace are fighting against and denying the foundational principle that has sustained the republic. Consequently, the church and state are having a love affair that has not been seen since the Dark Ages, when untold millions were slaughtered by the state for not abiding by the dogmas and doctrines of the European Church and State Establishment.

Right versus Left and Calls for Unity: But at what Cost?

Looking to the right, we are witnessing with increased rapidity the demand for, and denial of, legislative and judicial initiatives to discredit the bedrock of the American Experiment, the separation of church and state. Central to the Religious Right's enthrallment of church and state union is their obsession with the legal implementation of Sunday as the designated day of worship. In their now well-publicized, concise plan for the destruction of the greatest experiment in human civilization, Project 2025, pops up this mind-boggling statement: "Sabbath Rest. God ordained the Sabbath as a day of rest, and until very recently the Judeo-Christian tradition sought to honor that mandate by moral and legal regulation of work on that day. God ordained the Sabbath as a day of rest, and until very recently the Judeo-Christian tradition sought to honor that mandate by moral and legal regulation of work on that day" (Project 2025, Mandate for Leadership, p. 589).

Coming from a slightly different perspective, the Church of Rome is unabashedly bold in its call for Sunday rest. Pope Francis declared: "On Sunday, our participation in the Eucharist has special importance. Sunday, like the Jewish Sabbath, is meant to be a day which heals our relationships with God, with ourselves, with others and with the world. Sunday is the day of the Resurrection, the "first day" of the new creation, whose first fruits are the Lord's risen humanity, the pledge of the final transfiguration of all created reality. It also proclaims "man's eternal rest in God" ... And so the day of rest, centered on the Eucharist, sheds it light on the whole week, and motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor" (Laudato Si', Section 237).

The Muslim world is in agreement with Francis' objectives as laid out in Laudato Si. So much so that they launched their own version of the pope's vision. A leading Muslim cleric declared: "In many ways, 'Al-Mizan' is the Islamic equivalent to 'Laudato Si',' the encyclical of Pope Francis, and more recently, the 'Laudate Deum,' a follow-up document," Catholic Archbishop Hubertus van Megen, the apostolic nuncio in Kenya and South Sudan, told those gathered for the announcement. "'Al-Mizan,' although building entirely on its own profound Islamic tradition, resonates in many ways the teachings of 'Laudato Si'.'

Turning to the so-called woke left, though the cultural, political, and religious enemy of the Religious Right with its promotion of Christian Nationalism, is the warm embrace and fervent promotion of Pope Francis' agenda for universal Sunday sacredness. This is presented to the world in the trojan horse called climate change. It is simply a matter of time before the common ground of Sunday exaltation brings the right and the left together in some semblance of unity. But the result will be magnanimous, and the cost will be incalculable. Sadly, when that happens, there will be no American institution standing to mitigate the damage. Harris' and Blanshard's fears will have become a living reality.

Besides Harris Blanshard and other true American patriots, Rome's plan for America and the rest of the world is vividly portrayed by the nineteenth century Bible commentator, whom the Smithsonian Institute described as one of the most widely-read American authors. In her classic, The Great Controversy, depicting Rome's religious and political intrigue of the past, present, and future, she writes: "Romanism as a system is no more in harmony with the gospel of Christ now than at any former period in her history. The Protestant churches are in great darkness, or they would discern the signs of the times. The Roman Church is far-reaching in her plans and modes of operation. She is employing every device to extend her influence and increase her power in preparation for a fierce and determined conflict to regain control of the world, to re-establish persecution, and to undo all that Protestantism has done. Catholicism is gaining ground upon every side" (Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, p. 565–566).

As you look around the American landscape, the question that must be seriously addressed is: What part is the Roman Church playing in the now not-so-obvious systematic mortal attack on the American Experiment, a form of government she so passionately hates? The salvos are coming from both public and private silos. Is a conspiracy against Washington's Great Experiment being manifested before our eyes?

In a recent article in the popular online political journal Politico, journalist Heidi Przybyla reports on the intriguing relationship between Donald Trump, his three Roman Catholic Supreme Justices, and the man who made it all possible, Leonard Leo. Leo is a staunch Roman Catholic who is extremely influential and a consequential player in governmental spaces in Washington, D.C. The very respected journalist was brutally attacked by Roman Catholic Bishop Robert Barron for her investigation and expose of Leonard Leo, an ardent supporter of the religious right and its agenda to destroy America.

Historian and political commentator Steve Schmidt responded to the Bishop's attack on his [Schmidt's] Substack page: "Why is Bishop Robert Barron, a Catholic prelate with a huge social media presence, and Leonard Leo targeting an investigative journalist? I explain the strange story of why His Excellency is bearing false witness against Politico's Heidi Przybyla after she spoke out against Christian nationalism. I warn that this is a demagogic attack. Politicians with clerical collars have historically been very dangerous people. And Bishop Barron, speaking of danger, seems like someone we all ought to keep an eye on". Schmidt goes on to explain the seriousness of the threat posed by the rapidly developing love affair between the Religious Right and the policies of certain powerful political institutions and personalities.

This threat to the American way of life in particular and to democracy in general is real. The upcoming presidential election, regardless of who prevails, will not change the trajectory of the downward spiral from democracy to authoritarianism. The pace may be slower or exponentially accelerated, depending on who is the victor. Either way, physical conflict is inevitable. Ironically, the plan for supposed unity is also well laid out.

American Leads the Way

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the earth's inhabitants, even though we are all involved, are oblivious to the true nature of this conflict of apocalyptic proportions. Even fewer are prepared for what is about to come upon this world as an overwhelming surprise. While men and women are engrossed in the cares of this world and are consumed with the challenges of day-to-day survival, events are being orchestrated that, while promising peace, safety, and unity, will result in chaos, confusion, unmitigated tyranny, and slaughter beyond the human imagination.

Influential, knowledgeable, and perceptive political commentators such as Steve Schmidt, Stephen Beschloss, Mark Elias, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, and others have clearly identified the danger and continue to comment responsibly on the threat of democracy that a Donald Trump presidency poses. Time magazine in its recent edition, If He Wins, focuses on the very likely scenario of a Donald Trump presidency and serves up the actual words of the man who would radically change America and the course of world history in a manner that would make it patently unrecognizable from what we know it today. Trump makes no qualms about letting everyone know what his plans are for America and, by extension, the world. They are frightening and should cause every sober-thinking citizen on planet Earth to shudder.

It must be clearly understood, however, that unlike despots of old, the prominence of the tyrant represents a far more sinister, cruel, and nefarious movement of which he or she is the face. So it is with Donald Trump. The danger with the Trump movement is that no one seems to suspect nor understand the true force and determined focus of the engine that propels Trump. James Carville, a political strategist and senior advisor to the presidential campaign of former President Bill Clinton, became famous for the line that many agree propelled Clinton to the White House. It was simply: "It's the economy, stupid." In this crucial moment of American and world history, we need to consider: "It it their religion, stupid".

Paul Blanshard, General Mealy Harris, and Ellen G. White, coming from a purely Biblical perspective, had it right. They were not hateful alarmists; but were rather given insight into the modus operandi of the greatest threat to civil and religious liberty around the world.

Malachi Martin, a late Jesuit scholar, gives some insight on what is percolating on the horizon in his volume, THE KEYS OF THIS BLOOD. In his expose of the Vatican's plan to take control of the world in a three-way competition (capitalism, communism, and Catholicism), Martin concluded: "It is not too much to say that the chosen purpose of John Paul's Pontificate—the engine that drives his papal grand policy and that determines his day-to-day, year-to-year strategies—is to be the victor in that competition ... well on the way"(Malachi Martin, Keys of This Blood, p. 15)

Further, the late Dr. John W. Robbins, a Presbyterian minister and authority on Roman Catholicism, made this bold assertion: "The Roman church/state is a hybrid, a monster of ecclesiastical and political power. Its political thought is totalitarian, and whenever it has had the opportunity to apply its principles, the result has been bloody repression. If during the last 30 years it has softened its assertions of full, supreme, and irresponsible power and has murdered fewer people than before; such changes of behavior are not due to a change in its ideas but to a change in circumstances ... it is only when the Roman church/state faced public opinion that disapproved of church/state sanctioned murder, that it slowed its persecutions and attempted to speak with a voice  less bloodthirsty.

The Roman church/state in the 20th century, however, is an institution recovering from a deadly wound. If and when it regains its full power and authority, it will impose a regime more sinister than any the planet has ever seen" (Ecclesiastical Megalomania, Dr. John W. Robbins, page 195). That oft-despised and neglected book foretold it all.

There is no going back to where things were. Our Lord foretells that when they shall say peace and safety sudden destruction shall come. Our ONLY way of escape is in Jesus Christ.

Wake up America, Wake up world.


Quoted article below from link above.

QuotePope Francis Says that Governments Must Coerce Their Citizens to Adopt Laudato Si' Climate Solutions

"The Christian world will learn what Romanism is when it is too late to escape the snare" (Great Controversy, p. 397).

There can no longer be any doubt about Pope Francis' intentions. The Pope is advocating using the strong arm of the state to step in and impose the climate policies of Laudato Si'. He is calling on society to "exert healthy pressure" and take action in order to adopt his climate solutions. In essence, Pope Francis is urging the state to enforce the church's teaching in an effort to unite political and religious powers into one common vision and mission. According to the Pope, the world's problems will be solved through Laudato Si' coercion.

On May 3, 2024, Vatican News published part of an interview that Pope Francis conducted with Roberto Pacilio of La Freccia Magazine. During the interview, Pacilio questioned Pope Francis about whether he thought governments had done enough ever since the 2015 publication of his encyclical Laudato Si'. Pope Francis responded emphatically, stating that the reason he published Laudate Deum, his second climate change document, was because of government inaction. Then he said that in order to get people to change their lifestyles and follow environmental policies, society needs to "exert healthy pressure."

Vatican News published the following:

"A healthy pressure from society for respect for Creation – With children we can also learn to relate to Creation, something that is often difficult for adults. The Pope invites us to "grow without losing simplicity". That of a child, "is not the same as that of a young person or an adult", he states: "We must all be simple, but according to our age."

• "The theme, naturally, refers to Laudato Si', the social Encyclical on the care of our Common Home. 'How much did governments do after your cry of alarm launched in 2015 in defense of the Earth and the environment?' asks Pacilio."

• "They didn't do enough", responds the Pope, explaining that this is precisely the meaning of the Apostolic Exhortation Laudate Deum , eight years after Laudato Si'. "The crisis – adds the Pontiff – requires the involvement of everyone: the whole of society must exert healthy pressure, as it is up to each family to think that the future of their own sons and daughters is at stake."

Exerting "healthy pressure?" This is just another way of saying "government coercion." We are witnessing another example of how Rome is doing a wonderful job of working to undermine our faith and freedoms. We have both religious and state leaders who are drunk on political power and are seeking to control every aspect of our lives. Under the pretext of "keeping people safe," we will soon once again see our constitutional freedoms suspended.

All this is leading to the criminalization of those who will not blindly accept Rome's climate propaganda. Power corrupts, but the power of church and state corrupts even faster. Our hope and trust must be in God and not in any church-state unions with their dictators, who are using the so-called climate crisis to gain all the power and control they can. These church-state partnerships that are created to monitor and police the "common good" are extremely dangerous to our civil and religious liberties.

"The Roman Catholic principles will be taken under the care and protection of the State. This national apostasy will speedily be followed by national ruin" (General Conference Bulletin, January 1, 1900).

"The Roman Church is far-reaching in her plans and modes of operation. She is employing every device to extend her influence and increase her power in preparation for a fierce and determined conflict to regain control of the world, to re-establish persecution, and to undo all that Protestantism has done" (Signs of the Times, June 30, 1898).


My pleasure. Glad there are many others out there keeping up with what is going on. Just to much to keep up with.


Check out this Tucker video, and observe the following concerning Georgetown University.

QuoteGeorgetown University is a private Jesuit research university in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., United States. Founded by Bishop John Carroll in 1789,[c] it is the oldest Catholic institution of higher education in the United States and the nation's first federally chartered university.....


Quote from: Amo on Sat May 18, 2024 - 19:59:08

Check out this Tucker video, and observe the following concerning Georgetown University.


28 Georgetown Alumni and Faculty Will Serve in 118th U.S. Congress
Date Published: December 8, 2022

More than two dozen Georgetown alumni and faculty will be sworn into the 118th U.S. Congress the first week in January, continuing the university's long legacy of alumni serving the public.

Notable alumni include 32 Rhodes Scholars, 46 Marshall Scholars, 33 Truman Scholars, 543 Fulbright Scholars, eight living billionaires, 25 U.S. governors, two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and two U.S. Presidents, as well as international royalty and more than a dozen foreign heads of state. Georgetown has educated more U.S. diplomats than any other university, as well as many American politicians and civil servants.

Lyndon B. Johnson
School: Southwest Texas State Teachers College (now Texas State University) (undergraduate), Georgetown University Law Center (did not graduate)

Bill Clinton
Schools: Georgetown University (undergraduate), Oxford University (Rhodes Scholarship), Yale University (law school)


Quote from: Rella on Sun May 19, 2024 - 13:05:53Yep...

28 Georgetown Alumni and Faculty Will Serve in 118th U.S. Congress
Date Published: December 8, 2022

More than two dozen Georgetown alumni and faculty will be sworn into the 118th U.S. Congress the first week in January, continuing the university's long legacy of alumni serving the public.

Notable alumni include 32 Rhodes Scholars, 46 Marshall Scholars, 33 Truman Scholars, 543 Fulbright Scholars, eight living billionaires, 25 U.S. governors, two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and two U.S. Presidents, as well as international royalty and more than a dozen foreign heads of state. Georgetown has educated more U.S. diplomats than any other university, as well as many American politicians and civil servants.

Lyndon B. Johnson
School: Southwest Texas State Teachers College (now Texas State University) (undergraduate), Georgetown University Law Center (did not graduate)

Bill Clinton
Schools: Georgetown University (undergraduate), Oxford University (Rhodes Scholarship), Yale University (law school)

And yet the world and media just can't understand what is happening to our country. Serving our country? Not! They serve  Rome and the globalists.



Interesting news clip regarding the Vatican's relations with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's. Of course after waiting over fifty years for the Vatican to release documents related to the same, the most damaging evidences were no doubt gleaned long before this release. Interesting to note as well, that the Vatican only stuck up for the Jews who had converted to Catholicism, when the Nazi's came for them in Rome. The rest died in Nazi prison camps of death, whose lives the Pope declined to protest for.

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