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Trump's hush money case.

Started by Rella, Tue Apr 23, 2024 - 13:13:09

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Thursday will be day 3 that Pecker  rofl  will be back on
the witness stand.

From what the prosecution has "proved"??? is Pecker and Cohen and Trump conspired to cover up his sexcapades... so he could win the 2016 election.

Pecker....  National Enquirer magazine.... was responsible for making the other candidates look bad and Trump look good. They all said money had to be paid
to hush Stormy Daniels and the Playboy Bunny

And the prosecutor said that was illegal because it was to promote an election.

Of course they just started but to me it sounds bad.


I get the feeling that Trump WANTS somebody to throw him in jail. Am I wrong? Certainly of the many that want that badly, someone will succeed, then what? It looks like we are going where we've never been before?


It's no different than previous presidents have done, including the one holding the office today.


But Trump is probably the only one that WANTS that to happen actually. Not because he is a masochist or anything, but because I think it would force some things to happen that definitely need to happen as to some of these pending cases. SCOTUS will not be able to sit on its  hands mich longer. They will be forced to consider the long term repercussions of some of these cases. And if they have ANY sense or concern for the future they will have to come down where the Democrats don't want them to  before this election. The precedent has already been established on indictments and hounding an ex-Presidents in court for political  reasons, which will bite Biden and others of probably both parties, or the Establishment Uniparty! 🤓


I don't quite get the whole thing. A while back everyone found out that Congress members actually had, possibly still have a slush fund to pay for situations such as this. If people are going to go to jail for it, then Trump should be just the first of a great many to come.

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