Author Topic: Arresting children so young, they say, ignores the science of brain development  (Read 96 times)

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When rape is involved.....  ::frown::

At the forested edge of the Canadian border this spring, state police arrested a person from the hamlet of Brasher Falls, New York, population about 1,000. He was charged with rape.

So what is the answer? Can a 7 year old be made to understand what he did was wrong with a time out?

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"The science"

People who use this in conversation should be put in a pillory and have fruit thrown at them until they stop using it. 

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I think the parents of that child likely belong in jail.

As for the child, I'm not sure.  I bet if I met him I would know within 5 minutes.

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I remember a case back in the late 1980s of a kindergarten boy who was charged with sexual battery and threatened to be put on a sex offenders list for kissing a classmate.

"Zero Tolerance" gone amuck.

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