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Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Yesterday at 12:29:31 »
Also I was wondering if you knew the law on using copyright pictures? Mainly, if I change high  percentage of the picture, can I then use it as my own? For example the cartooned picture is from the follow picture I got off Google....

As you can see, I changed so much of it, you can hardly notice the original picture in it.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Yesterday at 12:21:15 »
Some time ago when I was playing around with cartooning picture, Created this....


The horse is a real horse that I cartooned and colored in, I removed the back ground and created my own background from a kids drawing program.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Yesterday at 08:03:05 »
I do apologise. Just felt concerned.  ::smile::

No prob, I understand, thanks for being concerned.

Aunty has arrived with our shopping so I grabbed her. She said she would be delighted to offer you help, so over the weekend she will dictate me a letter which I will pm to you. She's a sweet soul only too glad to help. One thing she warned you must never do is waste your money 'Vanity Publishing' and continues,

"It's a sure way of throwing money down the drain," she said. "Also you must avoid publishers claiming in advertisements that they can get you out there and selling in no time at all, and also you must resist any emails from similar remarking that they like your style and want your work. Another, and this is noteworthy is that bone fide publishers would never approach you that way, or advertise in that style."

Thank you ever so much. And say thank you to your aunt also.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Yesterday at 07:38:55 »
Taking pictures of real people and cartooning them could lead you into unwelcome litigation so don't do it!

I would of course get there permission, (starting with friends and family), most likely signed permission before I took there picture. And I would also give them a little money. Nothing illegal, or wrong. They would sign a waver so they would know exactly what the pictures were used for.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Yesterday at 00:43:57 »
Good morning Faithbuilders!

Good morning to you; good night to me, I just got off work, now I am on my way to bed.

Please excuse me if I sould jumbled, but had a bad night (the usual nightmares of memories past)

I will pray for you: Ps 127:2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.
and you ARE His beloved!

Writing will take over your life; story making reels our whole being in. I'm written some short stories (nearly typed shirt, haha!) and the character building and plotting completely takes over!

I assume you've already plotted the story, built the protagonist and now you need a graphics guy/gal?

Yes, but I am looking it some 3d art programs for doing that, I have also been looking at the idea of taking pictures of real people, then cartooning them; I think that would be different for a book.

Scuse me a mo. Need a cuppa tea

I hope you have a wonderful day, I'm off to bed. g'night

General Discussion Forum / Re: How Are you? And what's Your Weather?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 23:41:27 »
Right now it is raining and very cold! Scrounging around looking for my Winter stuff yuck.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 23:38:46 »
If you like, could you pm me one of your children's books to appraise? You don't have to, but I'd be most interested. When evening falls, I'm a bookwormy

Thank you, I could do that, if I ever get one done... it seems to be taking forever. I do have the text of a pile of short stories done that I had planed to compile together in a multi-story childrens book complete with games and puzzles. I am just working on the graphics now, and since I don't really know what I am doing in that area, it is taking a very long time.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 14:36:10 »
Later once your children's books start selling, then they will pique a publisher's interest. That was the route aunty went through and I'm so proud of her.  ::smile::

Thank you, I'll re-look into that option. but first, graphics; I don't have a lot of money right now, so I am avoiding paying someone outright for my first book; until I know how well they will do.

P.S. I wish your Aunt could give some personal advice from someone whos done it.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 14:10:46 »
And this is what I chug along with, "Your little boy" Peggy laughs. He's two year's old now, a bit dented and scraped and never ever washed. http://www.tweakedautomotive.com/listings/land-rover-defender-90-110-tweaked-spectre-edition/ I've got the '90, it goes like a tank. No wonder drivers steer clear!  rofl

Nice.  ::tippinghat::

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 13:42:37 »
You're writing children's books? How wonderful!  ::smile:: You could easily get a graphics artist from an art college, and the students wouldn't charge a fortune.

When my children were in private school, I did look at asking the school to do it as an art project, then receive a percentage. But never did.

Have you considered writing ebooks with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing?

Yes, I bought a program for helping with that; perhaps talking with you is the confirmation I need to do just that. Thank you!

I guess one day I'll find a man strong in the Lord.

You deserve it.

How about Indiana Jones type?  ::thumbup::


Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 12:26:00 »
I also wanted to say, after what you have been through, you did not take it laying down, you got right back up, kicked the devil in the teeth... you are defiantly NOT ordinary, you have s strength that God will use to help encourage others. The man that gets you will be one blessed man! God bless you greatly.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 12:07:31 »
What do you enjoy doing, Fathbuilders? What's your hobby?

Looks like quite the excitement at you're end: As for being single, trust God, He will bring your perfect man, (at least perfect for you). I enjoy simple programing, I am working on designing some family-friendly computer games. Also I am writing some childrens books; (I don't have much talent in the graphics department yet, so I am looking at some options.) I did start a workout program, not nearly as advanced as you yet, but I'll get there. I love praising God with the dance, that is the "cardio" part of my workout.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 11:31:34 »
Well, I am Godly! I've put my faith into my life, my business practice, my home and being a great mother to Peggy. We read our Bibles together and pray. Last year when I told her she was born from my being raped, she hugged me with so much love that I realised what a tremendous job our dear Lord has done in her life. Peg uses our home gym though not as powerfully as I drive myself; we live healthy lives and enjoy even a run along the beach. It also was on that same beach a few years ago that I gave testimony to a crowd of tourists that had gathered at my baptism.

Rather than in church and witnessing to the converted, I got baptised in the sea and after my dunking in the water by my pastor, I spoke of Jesus Christ changing my life and the reason I wanted to be baptised in the sea. But before my public baptism though, I grabbed a garden fork and with my pastor, pushed it into the ground to claim the area for our Lord.

I'm known in our town for being a devout Christian. I was interested in taking up Yoga only for a different branch of exercise, but Yoga is not going to happen after my having asked on the forum and receiving some excellent replies. Anything I'm unsure of, brings me here to ask. Thank you!   ::smile::

WOW! You are quite a woman  ::nodding:: keep up the good work, and spirit of excellence.  ::amen!::

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 10:51:04 »
Why should a girl do push up? God created women to have a certain amount of fatted tissues, and in certain parts of their female body it looks great and every true man would testify to that. Push up are more for men than women.

you're kidding right... Women should exercise, a fit woman not only looks hot, but can do more, for God first, then for there family, and also even for themselves.

Yoga seems to be for those who have very little thoughts toward God.

I agree

bodily excise profited very little
, godliness much more a worthy thing to give oneself to, having not ONLY a promise of a long life, ALSO, that which is to come.Exercise does not translate into living longer, even healthier, GODLINESS DOES! The world has it all backwards like they do everything else. But what's new under the sun...nothing.  I believe God not the gurus.

The scripture that you quoted does say that the body profits little..... But it DOES profit! Yes exercise WILL lengthen your physical life, and make you far healthier than those that don't exercise! I do agree that you need godliness more than exercise, for without that then all your have is little profit, or non at all: but for a godly person exercise will do you good!

P.S.  Dulcie; I am proud of you... doing 200 pushup a day keep it up. I would just be very careful with that yoga stuff.

Health / Re: Yoga?
« on: Thu Sep 20, 2018 - 08:13:03 »
I refused to let my kids participate in yoga in school.

This even being assumed, don't be surprised if she wants to, anyway. (If you see my point?)

I don't Assume, I know! If she wants to on her own, she will come to me about it, and ask permission; I, myself would let her, but because of reasons I talked about in other posts we would pray about it!

We have been married 20 years, when our children were younger she talked about getting there little feet tattooed on her shoulder: at that time I was more against it than I am now; she honored me and did not talk about it again!

Well, if she really is keener than you to have it done, and you continue to hesitate, then don't be surprised if ultimately she thinks about another small design that's really meaningful to her and eventually goes ahead and does it (at maybe another placement).

Because my wife honors me, she will not do it unless I give her permission.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Do dogs go to heaven?
« on: Wed Sep 19, 2018 - 12:53:10 »
God gave us animals to enjoy, I would think that would be the same for heaven, in fact, I'm convinced of it. That being said, however, Since animals don't have spirits our pets here on earth will not be going to heaven, just turning back to dirt were they cam from. But there is no reason not to believe that knowing what we like, that God won't create an animal just for us when we get to heaven... and they won't run away or die.  ::clappingoverhead::

Interesting; I suppose it would be your first tattoo for both of you?


Sounds anyway like she is keener than you to have it done.

Oh heck yes, I'm allergic to pain, I break out in... well... in pain.

Oh so your wife, far from being hesitant, herself wants to be tattooed and would like you to have a similar one done?

Just our wedding ring tat.

Yep, and I have no issue with that, in fact I think that cool. My wife is trying to talk me into getting our rings tattooed on our ring finger. I am not a fan of pain, why ON EARTH would I do that to myself on purpose...  ::eek::

Yes, I agree; just for myself I will stay away from them, as I believe God has called me to be a travailing minister; and I would hate knowingly to be a stumbling block to any person in any part of the world.

I think one lesson for all of us is, If someone posts something that is met with negativity, or disagreements... if there is those that agree with the original post then we need to speak up, if for no other reason just the encourage the poster.   ::hug::

I understand, When you feel like you are always wrong that can be discouragement. But please don't leave because u r offended, that is never the right reason. Sometimes you just need to egnore someone rather than get caught up in "futile arguments" Whatever you decide. God bless you!

 ??? Having disagreements does not an adversary one make. I hope offenses was not the cause?!?  ::shrug::

  However if someone marries you and doesn't tell you they don't want sex, is that reason to end the marriage?

The Bible is clear not to withhold sex from each other unless you are fasting. However.... That is not a reason to end the marriage. As a couple, if you are both Christians, Seeking the wisdom of God IS the first line of defense here. If there is healing that need to take place first; bring it to God, together: God IS a God who heals, the body and the soul! Trust Him... Go slow... Love, and respect each other.... be completely truthful with each other... Change WILL come!. One last thing (that should have been first  ::nodding::) Read the Bible,and pray together (holding hands is a good start) I will also pray for the two of you. God bless!

I don't think it can be solved. 

I agree with what  chosenone said, I just want to add this peace, "I (you) can do ALL Things through Christ (the anointed One and His anointing) Who strengthens me" It can be solved, you just need to stand on the word of God, find other scripture also to suet your situation. And stand on that! I agree to get help, but if possible make sure that help comes from a Christian, like your pastor...!

Introductions / Re: Hello everyone!
« on: Fri Sep 14, 2018 - 17:18:43 »
Hello, Chris,, welcome here. First I want to say, I feel for your family and will pray for your dad. Next, you need to find scriptures on healing, and go over them again and again with your dad; like "by His stipes you were healed"!
Next, find a good speaker that teaches on healing and listen to all the messages on healing you can: (faith comes by hearing the word of God). I know people that have been healed from stage 3 cancer by doing this. If you want a really good preacher for this message me I will let you know. (I do this because there are people here that don't agree with him and will let you know. This is not the place or time for that.)

Parenting and Family Life / Re: Do you pray with your children?
« on: Thu Sep 13, 2018 - 14:30:24 »
Well, in that case, I'll link my prayer with yours for your children. And with the prayer of agreement they won't stand a chance.

Weight loss and diet encouragement / Re: Healthy living tips
« on: Thu Sep 13, 2018 - 12:28:02 »
Can you please tell us your A1C and fasting blood glucose numbers? Also, are you on any medication to control your blood glucose levels? Thanks!

I'm not Diabetic, so I've never checked. I have also never done a complete fast, (partial one yes, but not a complete one.) I take herbs for just general health, but no meds.

Parenting and Family Life / Re: Do you pray with your children?
« on: Thu Sep 13, 2018 - 12:23:44 »
Ahh, that's lovely! Praying together with your children is building on such a strong foundation!

Yes, and we do have a very close relationship also.

I love to praise and worship music in my church, the praise is up-beat, and we can dance hard (like David did), and worship is wonderful, I just soak in the presence of God. Psalms talks about loud cymbals and dancing like crazy, and it also talks about raising hands and laying before the Lord. The music is not the issue as much as what you are singing, and the spirit behind the music.

Weight loss and diet encouragement / Re: Healthy living tips
« on: Thu Sep 13, 2018 - 09:32:06 »
Since someone re-opened this, I guess I'll add to it.  ::smile:: 1st point  Only stay away from BAD sugar. fruit, and honey (in moderation) is good. Also depending on what you wish to do, but weight training as been proven to be better than cardio. Same with carbs as it is with sugar - stay away from processed carbs, but good carbs in important.

Parenting and Family Life / Re: Do you pray with your children?
« on: Thu Sep 13, 2018 - 09:23:51 »
My Daughter is 17, my son 19... and we still pray together every chance we get.  ::groupprayer::

General Discussion Forum / Re: How Are you? And what's Your Weather?
« on: Thu Sep 13, 2018 - 09:22:13 »
In Manitoba Canada, It has been cold for this time of year, thunder storm last night, this morning, still cloudy and cold.  ::frown::

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