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The whole rush to buy things is contrived - and Americans are buying the lie.

The gas crisis of 1972 is a good example.   Nationwide there was little or no gasoline for anyone.   I was in Charleston, SC at the time serving with the Navy.  Nobody had gasoline in Charleston.  Out in the harbor, sitting on her hook was a HESS tanker.   She sat there at the end of her anchor for a long time.  One morning I was on watch about 5am when the HESS tanker came steaming up the river.  Next day everyone had all the gasoline we wanted.   The whole episode was fake.  Gas was held back until people were desperate to get it and pay a dollar a gallon or more for the privilege.  The excuse for our shortages was the Yom Kippur war, but the real motivation was profit from higher gasoline prices.

In the same way our news media is manipulating the American people to buy into another consumer lie.

In normal years, retailers conduct sales to reduce their inventory.  They do this to make room for Christmas products.  In the past year, however, there's been little or no demand for the trash they sell us and as a result their warehouses are full and store shelves aren't being emptied fast enough.   Add to this the increase in inflation rates created by the Federal government's maniacal gift of money to citizens without any return on it for the benefit of the nation.  Inflation will go high - very high because you can't print money and have it worth anything.  Goods maintain their intrinsic value, but the money to buy them is reduced.  Google it.  Its a principle of national economy.   Cheap dollars buy less goods.

Ships full of goods sit on their anchor in our harbors because NOBODY WILL LET THEM DOCK.   Two glaring reasons present themselves.  One is that there's no place to put it when its unloaded.  Retail stores and their warehouses are still full from last season's stock of junk items.   Money is cheap and sellers want their due payment in dollars that have become almost worthless.    When a three pound package of meat (mostly bone) at SAM'S CLUB costs fifty bucks, there's a real problem with our currency.

So no, I am not "stocking up" in a mad rush to the stores.   It's my opinion that when the holidays finally arrive there will be plenty for everybody.   We just won't be able to afford to buy it.

In the 1930's the situation was called DEPRESSION.  Today our media invents a new lie every evening to explain supply line economics to those who never took a course in the subject.  At a university you'll pay big bucks for a course on economics and lots more for the textbook to go with it.  A college degree now means the same thing as somebody writing about it on the internet.  If it doesn't agree with media lies its automatically considered to be a bone head conspiracy theory.   The problem is that it isn't a theory and it isn't stupidity unleashed.  It's an economic fact of life and whether we like it or not we are all caught up in it.

that's me, hollering from the choir loft...

And you'll be wrong.  I work retail.  I work at Sam's as a forklift driver.  Those container ships aren't sitting off of Long Beach because they are not being allowed to dock.  They are sitting there because there aren't enough people to unload them once they are docked, and even if there were, there are not enough drivers to haul them to where they are supposed to go.  I've worked the intermodal end of the supply chain as well, and I understand exactly how it works.

We've been told, especially when it comes to the holiday stuff, once it's gone, it's gone and chances are there won't be more of it.  We are going a week, sometimes up to two weeks with NO shipments of toilet paper or paper towels at all.  I haven't seen the regular Member's Mark 10" paper plates in two weeks.  There is all kinds of stuff we are out of and in some cases, haven't seen for months.  These shortages are not contrived, and they will not get better.  As long as our politicians continue to act out this political pandemic charade, for no other reason beyond the fact that they want complete and total control, of everything, the infrastructure will continue to decay.  It's already past the point of fixing anyway, so the vaccine, right now, is the least of anyone's worries.
Theology Forum / Re: Law & Grace - Which?
« Last post by Reformer on Yesterday at 22:10:28 »

    Your Reply #107 is right on target. And the scriptures confirm it. Here is what the apostle Paul says, and he says it clearly. [Bold face added by me.]

    "And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward Him and find Him. Yet He is actually not far from each one of us, 'for in Him we live and move and have our being' " [Acts 17:26-28].


Theology Forum / Re: The Dreamers—Both Bad And Good
« Last post by Reformer on Yesterday at 21:47:15 »
yogi bear:

    A BIG Amen, Yogi. It seems every time I post anything, I get the same silly responses and disruptions. I shouldn't reply in kind, as I occasionally do, but I will try to put a handle on my part of it from here on out—either that or I will report the disrupters to you Moderators.


End Times Forum / Irrefutable Proofs the Resurrection was the 2nd Coming
« Last post by Rob on Yesterday at 21:02:43 »
Proof 1

Luk 21:27  And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
Luk 21:28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

When does the Son of man return? When He redeemed the world.

When did Jesus redeem the world? At His resurrection.

I don’t see how there can be any argument against this but I’m sure there will be.  ::smile::
Theology Forum / Re: The Dreamers—Both Bad And Good
« Last post by Mere Nick on Yesterday at 20:39:13 »
You got that right, Yogi. 
General Discussion Forum / Are clocks turning back late this year?
« Last post by Rella on Yesterday at 19:11:22 »

I just looked and most reports say Nov 7 to turn them back.

Two said to turn them back on Oct 31.

I guess the Nov 7 is right ( majority of reports) but that seems late to me somehow??????
Theology Forum / Re: Law & Grace - Which?
« Last post by 4WD on Yesterday at 18:29:10 »
John 6:44 and Romans 3 show that men do not seek God, God seeks men. 
Speaking of there being more too it; I think there needs to be some thought given to that statement.  As you look around the entire planet, every group, every tribe, every nation from the very earliest of times has sought god or gods.  Nearly all have some higher spiritual power that they seek in one way or another.  So there is more to it than simply "men do not seek God".  I would offer that it is not the God we know from the Bible that they seek. That is at least alluded to in Romans 1:19.

The National Guard (that for most of our history was called state militia usually with little or no pay). It is the traditional citizen soldier concept.  Now days the drill pay and annual training along with training schools are paid out of the federal budget.  Unless they are mobilized into federal service they still fall under the control of the state governor.  Since they work in emergency situations in the state without the need for a federal call up this is normal and dose not fall under the posse Comitatus act that prevents federal troops from being used to enforce domestic policies. 
Theology Forum / Re: The Dreamers—Both Bad And Good
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 ::alert:: Ok boys this has got to stop !!! The back and forth insults is enough we have grown tired of seeing this in every thread you both are in. It has gone on long enough and if you can not get yourselves under control We may have to do it for you. I can not understand why you have to disrupt every thread if you think it is cute let me assure you i is not. Please for the rest of use put a stop to this behavior and stop disrupting every thread with this back and forth. Please do not be childish and say will he did this or that be the bigger person and stop this childish behavior so the rest can enjoy a good discussion. ::alert::
Theology Forum / Re: The Dreamers—Both Bad And Good
« Last post by Texas Conservative on Yesterday at 15:43:00 »
Bulls don't have fleece
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