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General Discussion Forum / Re: The racists
« Last post by Wycliffes_Shillelagh on Today at 22:02:05 »
I've been thinking about this, and for someone who pretends to be middle of the road, not one extreme or the other, you're really showing your hand here.
That quote, "Teachers put a huge % of their income back into their work, for the benefit of the kids" is so exaggerated, it's not even funny. Yes, I've heard that for a few years, so I decided to look into it.

The average salary for teachers in the US is 60k.
According to, most teachers spend about $500 a year from their income for additional classroom supplies.

According to my math, which may be wrong, on average, teachers spend about .833% of their income for additional classroom supplies. That's less than 1%. Do you consider that a "huge percentage of their income?" I certainly don't. A lot of people in a lot of professions spend some of their own money for work things.

Both of my sisters taught in public schools for decades - in four different states - in primary grade level, told me that yes, teachers spend some of their income on supplies, but usually those supplies are not needed supplies, but wanted supplies. They said in the primary grades, there's a lot of competition among the teachers on who has the best decorated rooms, and they can spend quite a bit on decor. I have one brother-in-law who recently retired from teaching the high school level for over 40 years. He said that competition between teachers for best room decor at the high school level is uncommon and very little is paid out of pocket for additional supplies. So your comment appears to be quite the exaggeration.

As for your comment,  "Virtually to-a-man they put the welfare of children above their own interests" seems to be another exaggeration. Just from personal experience, I had teachers like the ones you described, but I also had teachers at the opposite end of the spectrum. For example - my high school American History teacher who offered all the girls an A for the semester if he could paddle our behinds. My Algebra teacher sat up front with the football boys and discussed football plays every day and let us all grade our own homework and tests so we all passed with flying colors. Then there was my 2nd grade teacher who had each of us come to the front of the class while she graded our work and laughed and mocked those of us who missed simple math problems. She also laughed and mocked a neighbor boy of mine who was large for his age and tripped a lot. He later committed suicide. Not saying she was the cause of his depression, but she sure didn't help. I could go on. There were more pathetic teachers. However, I had some excellent teachers, like my geometry teacher, Mrs. Shroyer, who cared deeply that we all learn and would call us aside and help each of us when she saw us struggling with our grades. My 5th grade teacher not only cared about our learning, but also smelled so good.  ::noworries:: She always wore the sweetest perfume that matched her sweet personality. So I had teachers who were great teachers, but I had teachers who should have never stepped foot in a classroom. Your exaggeration of "to the man" put the interests of the child ahead of themselves is just that - a blatant exaggeration. No profession is like that. None. There's good and bad in every profession. Teachers are no different. Seems like every week we see reports of teachers having sex with their students. If you want to discuss this sensibly, we can, but your exaggerations make that impossible.

Editing to add-
My best friend in high school had an affair with one of our teachers. He was in his late 20s and she was 17. Yep, her teacher was having sex with her. They actually ended up getting married and are still married over 40 years later - but still - a teacher having sex with a 17 year old student doesn't exactly sound like he's putting his students needs above his own. I could go on, but you get the idea.
I'm sorry you had those experiences.  I didn't.

My parents and grandparents cared enough to put me in a good school.  I cared enough to put my kids in good places.  My wife is a teacher.  I have friends who run a private school.  I know what kind of investment they put into the kids.

If it wasn't too late already, I would suggest that you move someplace... better.  And find better schools/teachers for your kids.

General Discussion Forum / Re: The racists
« Last post by Wycliffes_Shillelagh on Today at 21:56:08 »
I live in the Tulsa metroplex.
Well, that pretty much explains it.
Barb no court has looked at the evidence of the CCP attack.

They didn't look at evidence of the election being stolen, either.    But many judges asked Trump's people to bring it out for them.    And no one did.   I'm guessing that's the same reason.

A judge summarily rejectimg the case is not a review. This will be determined outside the judicial system.

It was.   In November.   By what Trump called "a landslide."

The bamboo thing is at best a head fake. (A basketball term).

It's not the craziest story they've been peddling.   I took a look at the data on bamboo.   You aren't going to be able to find it by UV light.   It does absorb UV light, but only the lignin (which is present in all woods) is involved.   So not much help for those guys who spent a bundle building UV booths to check ballots.

The way it’s likely going to go down won’t be found on any search engine.

I found several research papers that make it clear that UV isn't a feasible test method.     

So far, no one seems to have anything to match Ivanka Trump's sudden gifting of patents by the CCP.     But that could change.   
Theology Forum / Re: How I interpret Genesis 1
« Last post by Wycliffes_Shillelagh on Today at 21:44:17 »
Just a short note to say that Moses verbally told the creation story to the children of Israel long before the creation account was transcribed.
It's physically impossible to verbally address 2 million people without amplification.

Also, the Bible does NOT claim that this happened.

It does record that the Israelites were divided into two camps and made to shout the blessings and curses of Deuteronomy back and forth at each other.  That's as close as you're gonna get.

Theology Forum / Re: How I interpret Genesis 1
« Last post by Wycliffes_Shillelagh on Today at 21:41:40 »
     However, if I might add, if a new potential believer is seeking clear and precise information from Genesis about creation and he were to read your analysis via The Epic of Gilgamesh first, would he come away with a clear apprehension of what God is saying through Moses, or would he come away so confused he would surrender his interest?
If a "potential new believer" is reading my post, he's somehow wandered into the wrong place.  The post is not intended for him, and this forum isn't either.

That said, I don't think there's anything particularly confusing about it.  The explanation is straightforward.

    Too, we should ask, Is the Hebrew vocabulary in Genesis translated accurately into the English vocabulary?
A better question might be whether it's POSSIBLE to translate the Hebrew there into English without a significant loss of fidelity.  There are several words there that don't have an equivalent word in English. 

The translators there have done a credible job, and I don't want to criticize them.  But there IS a significant loss of fidelity in the translation.

Documents such as The Epic of Gilgamesh could very well create a lot of bewilderment when its principles are applied to the Genesis story.
To be clear here... the quote is not from Gilgamesh.  It is part of an introduction written by an archaeologist and translator of tablets from the Ancient Near East a few decades ago.

That shouldn't create bewilderment.  If anything, it should help make it clearer.

Theology Forum / Re: Why is Genesis 2:24 there?
« Last post by NyawehNyoh on Today at 21:41:07 »
So why is vs 24 here?

The supreme being who designed the man said it is not good for him to live alone. And if it's not good for a man to live alone, then it goes without saying that it's not good for a woman either. If men are supposed to be happier with a woman, then women should be happier with a man. In other words: mankind's designer didn't intend men and women to function independently of each other. They were created to be together; as couples.
It wasn't an insurrection.  It wasn't even close to an insurrection.  It was a demonstration gone a bit wild.  But even at that it was not nearly so bad as the Democrat and Leftist media supported and encouraged riots conducted all across nation throughout 2020.  Huge sections of downtown Seattle,

You've never been to Seattle, um?    Downtown didn't have that kind of thing.    It was on Capitol Hill; my son does project management for a start-up, and he lives up there.    Not what you were told, apparently.   

For some reason, most Americans found the insurrection to be more alarming.    The Capitol, the seat of our government, invaded and ransacked by a mob of people determined to steal an election from the American people.  Go figure.

Theology Forum / Re: Why is Genesis 2:24 there?
« Last post by Reformer on Today at 21:34:43 »


    Just a short note to say that Moses verbally told the creation story to the children of Israel long before the creation account was transcribed.

Theology Forum / Re: How I interpret Genesis 1
« Last post by Reformer on Today at 21:28:49 »

    Just a short note to say that Moses verbally told the creation story to the children of Israel long before the creation account was transcribed.

Claiming to be pro-life because you donate Pampers to a crisis pregnancy center

If that's how it is where you live, those people aren't involved in pro-life at all.   
You don't fool anyone

I'm just pointing out the fact.   And I never say anything here that I don't believe to be true.   

I suppose we all imagine that we have only good intentions; that's why it's worth anyone's time to reflect on how well we are imitating Christ's example.    That's always a humbling but uplifting experience, if it's done well.

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