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Christian Politics Forum / Re: You’ve Been Gaslighted
« Last post by 4WD on Yesterday at 07:39:59 »
From the article: First, every poll in the country showed a gigantic GOP landslide victory- ranging from red wave, to red tsunami. Polls even showed women moved 32 points from September to October in favor of the GOP.

I think that perhaps part of the problem was the too many people who would have voted republican believed those polls and then got complacent and simply didn't bother to vote because they thought it was "in the bag".  That is not to say that I don't believe that the election was rigged.  I think it is clear that there were shenanigans at play in the Maricopa County, AZ voting. And unfortunately, I don't think anything will be done about that.
Christian Politics Forum / Deleted as a duplicate
« Last post by Rella on Yesterday at 07:39:42 »
Deleted as a duplicate
Christian Politics Forum / Re: Elon Musk... Is anyone following this?
« Last post by Alan on Yesterday at 07:38:17 »
TC posted an article yesterday
Christian Politics Forum / Deleted as a duplicate
« Last post by Rella on Yesterday at 07:29:01 »
Deleted as a duplicate

Christian Politics Forum / Re: You’ve Been Gaslighted
« Last post by Jaime on Yesterday at 07:19:46 »
Christian Politics Forum / Re: You’ve Been Gaslighted
« Last post by Rella on Yesterday at 07:04:23 »
Excellent article.

Too bad that people wont see it or read it.
DeSantis seems tough in some areas and milque toast in others.  I've said this since the 2020 election and I will say it again because I feel it is 100% accurate and time will see if I'm right.  This country will never have another Republican president.  At this point in time, you have to have a few Republicans in office so it at least looks like you are keeping up the charade of fair elections.  They still have to pretend there are checks and balances, even if they now only exist on paper.  But once us oldsters die off, and the White House oldsters die off, the people coming up into office behind them won't follow those anymore and they will reek havoc and start getting rid of groups they don't like wholesale.  Short of a massive revival of actual Christian values, this country will not survive, long-term.  At least not in the form it is now.

Part of the reason that the Church has become a weak and ineffective force to keep certain societal rot in check has been the attitude that we need to "go along to get along."  This is always the wrong way to go.  Doctrinal and theological error should always be pointed out, and it should be done directly.  That is the Biblical prototype.  But in today's society, we are supposed to just accept anything someone says as long as they tact a christian tag on it.  Not so much.  I'm trying, as best as I can to no longer be hateful, but I will always be direct.

I fully agree.

And it is showing up right here on GC.

A major news bomb was dropped and all over Fox last night.... no where else (of course) and that is the memos at Twitter that Elon let out of the bag. NO one cares  ::shrug::

Just like they do not care of Joe's fetishes... And how Kamala got to where she is.... (red knees and all).

It makes me sick because things like

.....Soros bankrolled Colombian LGBT group backing prostitution that received Biden administration grant


are what everyone wants in this feel good, I'm OK , You"re OK existence we live among.

So they will be kept in office.  ::tippinghat::
Christian Politics Forum / You’ve Been Gaslighted
« Last post by Jaime on Yesterday at 07:01:14 »

Folks, we’ve been robbed. Again. This was a repeat of 2020. They’ve fixed, rigged and stolen the election. First, they robbed us of the Presidency. Now they’ve robbed us of a red Republican landslide. And now they’re trying to blame it on Trump.

This is gaslighting. And we’ve had our election stolen- again.

Unions are fascist, not communist. 

The two things are related, in that they both formed at about the same time, in order to address the same problem (the oppression of workers during the Industrial Revolution).  They are not the same.  Two different solutions to the same problem.


There is the tendency, particularly by those on the left, to identify fascism and Nazism as extreme right-wing philosophies.  In my opinion, they are not.  That depends of course on how one defines the left and the right. Fascism and Nazism are Statist philosophies; both set the government above the individual.  That is decidedly a Leftist trait.  That is true for communism, socialism and progressivism as well.  It is true that there are differences between them, but they are all variants of Statism.  They are all Leftist.
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