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Was Jesus Married?

Was Jesus Married? The Case From The New Testament


This book will show you that there is a case to be made that Jesus was married from within the pages of the New Testament. You’ll also learn the motive behind the portrayal of an unmarried Jesus that has been engrained in so many.

After giving this book an honest read, if you still think there is not a case to be made that Jesus was married, then you may return to believing that he was single and celibate.

Until then, it’s time to start proving that Jesus was single or else stop claiming it like it’s gospel truth, because it’s not.


The True Heaven

The True Heaven

Subjects covered:

  • Will we have bodies in Heaven or just be spirits?
  • Will we be able to recognize loved ones there?
  • Are the dead aware of what is happening on earth now?
  • Will we still be male and female in Heaven?
  • What is the New Earth and what will be its use?
  • Will animals and pets be in Heaven?
  • Will we keep our memories of this life in Heaven?
  • If we still have free will, what will keep us from sinning again?
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The Book Journal

The Book Journal

With The Book Journal in your hands, gone are the days of forgetting the key details of your favorite books. Reading is an adventure that must be chronicled and The Book Journal brings out the details of your favorite reads like none other.

This book journal is ideal for avid readers, reading or book groups, and students. It helps bring out details in both fiction and nonfiction books. Months and years from now, it will help you recall forgotten details of your reading experiences.

Contents Include:
-Book entries that allow the reader to write in and record key details, his/her opinion of the writing style, pace, ease of reading, plot, character development and overall rating of the book.
-A section for book groups that provides structure for recording what books will be discussed, when, where and for notes to be used specifically in group meetings or while attending a meeting.
-A section to record your favorite books of all time.
-A listing of who has borrowed your books and when/how to contact them to get one back.
-And additional categories to help you bring out the most of your books and to remember your adventures!

The Book Journal makes an excellent gift for avid readers, book group members and students!


The Blank Cookbook

The Blank Cookbook

The Blank Cookbook is a great resource for referencing recipes, passing recipes down family lines or giving away to friends.

No more searching through pantries for recipe cards or digging through them once you find them. With this blank cookbook you can store your recipes easily in your own book.

Sections of the book include ingredients, cooking preparation instructions, and serving instructions. You’ll also find a section to record family memories based on the meals that brought you together. For example, whose favorite food was this?

The back of the book contains a section for notes and a cooking measurements chart. Makes an exceptional gift for mothers, fathers, newlyweds, graduates, aspiring cooks or to be given to future generations.


Leo's Toy Store

Leo’s Toy Store

Leo is the beloved owner of Leo’s Toy Store. His store is different because children can play with the toys even if they don’t buy them. Plus, Leo gives candy to the children who visit!

The town loves Leo and he loves that his store brings such joy to children and parents alike. But a new landlord puts Leo’s Toy Store in jeopardy. The landlord wants to raise Leo’s rent to an amount he can’t afford. Can Leo save his store in time for Christmas?

In this book your child will learn about placing other people’s needs above their own, and that money is not the most important thing in life. Parents you are not left out of this lovely story as you will learn lessons as well. A very enjoyable book for the whole family. Includes memory and reflection questions great for family or group discussion!