5 Mobile Inspirations for your Christian Teen

A 2013 study by Pew Research Center reports that 25 percent of teens use a smartphone as their primary tool for social networking, Verizon reports. That is a scary number, since these sites often offer inappropriate topics too tempting for the curious teen mind to resist.

While you can’t look over your teen’s shoulder 24/7, you can offer alternative, safe ways to use those mobile devices. You may also find inspiration of your own with these practical and helpful Christian apps.

1. Divinely

Divinely is the Christian solution to Instagram. This free app from Signs of God, LLC connects you and your teen with other Christians to share photos and videos online. The process works similar to any social media website but targets those with faith. Divinely exposes your teen to spiritual examples and healthy interactions with people who have the same belief system as your family.

2. Bible Promises

For those times when you can’t be there, Bible Promises keeps your kids on track. This free application for iPhone, iPad or Android devices teaches teens to use the Bible as a scaffolding to build upon. They have the option to pick a topic such anger or rage and see a relatable inspirational verse. They can also read a daily verse or search for a passage. The app works even offline.

3. iTalk to God

The makers of iTalk to God describe it as a comprehensive Bible app that helps kids relate their feelings to specific passages and get answers. When they find a meaningful verse, they can use the app to send a text or post it to Facebook for sharing with others. Teach them how grace exists during any challenge. iTalk with God costs just under a dollar and works only on iPhone, iPad or iTouch systems.

4. Cross Movement Records

As a former teen yourself, you know how important it is for kids to feel in touch with their generation, especially when it comes to music. In today’s music scene, that means hip-hop. Cross Movement Records offers music from a variety of Christian artists whom kids of all ages will enjoy. Artist FLAME describes his process as engaging the culture Biblically. If that is the message you want your teen to take away from hip-hop songs, then this is the app you need to add to his or her phone.

5. TWR360

If parents don’t train their kids, as Pastor Ed Young says, someone else will. TWR360 gives teens the opportunity to spread God’s message throughout the world and learn the power of sharing. This is a resource for anyone who enjoys Bible teachings and Christian messages from the international community. It offers teens a variety of content channels to listen to every day. Teens will even learn about Christianity in other countries, while spreading their own word of love at the same time. TWR360 is a free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.