5 Ways to Teach Students to Study The Bible Resources

Just as important as studying the bible itself is to effectively employ bible resources. These additional resources can really help students of the bible to thrive in their studies.

These days as well, there are such a wealth of resources at hand, sometimes it can even be hard to work out which are the best and which will offer the most beneficial assistance to supplement traditional bible study.

That is why we have put together this list of what we think is amongst the most beneficial of bible resources.


Christian radio sure has come a long way, and in recent years it has diversified to reach a wider audience. To that extent, there are these days a wide range of stations that are aimed toward the younger audience.

This is frankly a great resource, as whilst it can encourage students in their bible studies, it can also provide supplementary material to go along with traditional study. Just read up some online reviews of radio services in your area to find one you think is appropriate for your students and let it play in the background during cart and bus journeys as they complete chores, etc.


Visual teaching has long been a commonly used bible resource. The beautiful stain glass windows we see in churches today were originally installed in European churches in the middle ages, when illiteracy was widespread. The windows literally illustrated scenes from the bible.

Today off course we can all read, but visual learning is still important, especially with younger students. There are a wide range of superb Christian educational short films and TV programmes out there, many of which can be viewed on regular TV, and many more can be viewed via online platforms such as YouTube.


Similar to the radio as we discussed above, Podcasts can also provide a wealth of superb bible resources.

Podcasts are opportunities for experts in their fields to essentially give free lectures and even classes – and this applies to bible resources just as much as to any other subject!

The great thing about podcasts is that they are a truly portable medium – meaning that students can download them and carry them with them – perfect to pop in some headphones during the off 10 minute quiet spell in the day and do some studying no matter where they are!

Time Creation

This may not seem like a resource in the stickiest sense, but bear with us! Time is as important as the other bible resources we have discussed today. Without time, the student will struggle to get through their traditional bible and even their school studies.

Creating time to study then is just as important as what they study. Creating – and sticking to – a schedule can be a great way to create time for bible study. Another idea is to look at resources to help with traditional studies. For example, hiring a math tutor if your student suffers in that academic area can help them catch up and grasp the subject quicker through effective one to one tuition. This can then save time by condensing math study into a shorter but more effective period, freeing up more time for bible study.

Online Resources

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of the Internet to provide exceptional bible resources for students.

Some may shy away from this resource fearing that it contains too much material unsuitable for children and students. Whilst this can be true, with properly moderated usage it can also be a goldmine of resources to assist in bible study.

It is also a commercial hub don’t forget. Even if you don’t want your students learning direct from the web, you can purchase a range of books, download workbooks and lesson ideas and even audio files of sermons and bible classes.

Annabelle is part of the Content and Community team at SmileTutor, sharing valuable content to their own community and beyond.