About Grace Centered Magazine

Grace Centered Magazine is an Internet publication dedicated to stimulating personal and public thought, prayer, and discussion about living the Christian life. We are about unity and fellowship among followers of Christ.

Writers teach from the Bible and deliver practical writings for today’s Christian. Grace-Centered also strives to highlight current events and political happenings of concern to Christians. Usual topics of study include:

  • The relationship between church and culture.
  • Doctrine or tradition?
  • Is that what the Bible says, or your opinion?
  • The value of Christians skilled in the arts.
  • The role of Christians in the political system.
  • And other topics are addressed.

Statement of Faith

Concerning the Bible – The editors and contributors to Grace Centered Magazine believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that those Words serve as the instructional manual for a life that is pleasing to God.

Concerning Jesus and Salvation – Jesus Christ walked the earth in a human body and was literally God in human flesh. He taught us how to live and gave His life up as a sacrifice for all those who accept His gift of salvation.

Bible Study Tools: We provide an online Bible and a Bible Concordance for your use.

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Forums: Our Christian forums are a very important part of Grace-Centered Magazine. Christians from around the world discuss issues related to Christianity and about life in general.

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Affiliate Disclosure:

Please note that GraceCentered.com has an affiliate relationship with Legacy Learning Systems and InternetSafety.com. We are compensated financially when one of their products is purchased from a link or ad on this website (“Learn to Paint” for example). We also have similar arrangements with Amazon.com (using that link when you use Amazon will help fund this website). Also see our privacy statement for more information on advertisements that may display on this site.

We are not paid for ads that point to the MarriageHelper.com website. Joe Beam is the founder of the company who owns that website has written helpful articles for GraceCentered.com and we believe in their mission to save and strengthen families. In addition, the founder of GraceCentered.com, was an unofficial co-founder of that ministry.