Martin Luther's 1534 Bible.

The Reformers Favorite Bible Verses

One of F. W. Boreham’s 50 plus books lists most of the great reformers and well-known evangelists. And in this volume he reveals these men’s favorite Bible verses. I wish to share with you the great texts that changed the lives of these men and gave them a burning desire to preach the gospel.

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When I Die

The older I get the more I think of dying. That seems only natural. Graduation time approaches and I need to think about it seriously. I know I’m merely one heartbeat away from stepping into a room full of angels, so what are my thoughts when I think of dying? Maybe they are not unlike your own thoughts. May I share them with you?

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The Mind War

It’s so easy to miss that we miss it. Our walk with God is a constant battle of the mind to overcome the evil thoughts that can invade the thinking process. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Does any one of us think Satan is not eager to get into our minds and have us focusing on the wrong issues of life? We are at war 24/7 as we eagerly adjust our minds to think of holy matters.

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