Trudy Chun

Trudy Chun is a writer and author who served as a missionary in Eastern Hungary for more than a decade. She began as a political writer in a Washington, DC-based economic think tank in 1988. Later, she served as editor of Concerned Women for America's Family Voice Magazine. Her writing has appeared in Cup of Comfort for Adoptive families, Cup of Comfort for a Better World and Breakpoint Magazine among others. She has also authored three books: Love & Ashes, The BuddhaPest, and A Story of Grace.

Love-and-Ashes-by-Trudy-ChunLove & Ashes: A Woman's Bible Study of Love, Loss, and Ultimate Romance

Where is God when love fails? When the prince never comes ... Or when our 'happily ever after' crumbles under the harsh realities of life? Love and Ashes: A Bible Study of Love, Loss, and Ultimate Romance tackles these questions head-on through true love stories of those who have pushed through some of life's most brutal blows. Readers then lay these riveting modern stories against the template of scriptural stories to explore common themes. In the end, Love & Ashes challenges readers to share their own stories and discover a whole new perspective on love and how God works in the stories of our own lives. No preaching, no "how tos," no formulas--just thought-provoking glimpses into real people's lives paired with fresh evaluations of the characters of Scripture. BUY NOW