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Our online Bible concordance and Bible search system uses the World English Translation. This translation is easy to understand and is an update to the American Standard Version. In some places it reads similarly to the New International Version.

Work on the World English Bible began in 1997 and was known as the American Standard Version 1997. The World English Bible project was started to produce a modern English Bible version that is not copyrighted and doesn’t use archaic English (such as the King James Version). The World English Bible follows the American Standard Version‘s decision to update “Jehovah” to be “Yahweh” as mentioned in various commentaries. This Bible concordance reflects those updates.

There are seven passes of editing and proofreading for each book. An initial automated pass updated approximately 1,000 archaic words, phrases and grammatical constructs or errors which is reflected in this concordance.

The first manual pass was to add quotation marks (the ASV had none) and other punctuation, and to check the translation against the Greek and Hebrew texts where there are significant textual variants or the meaning is unclear.

We will be adding additional translations to this free online Bible concordance and Bible search in the future upon determining copyright factors and formatting availability.