3,000 Year Old Text Sheds Light On Biblical History

This jug dates back to the time of Kind David!

Richard Freund, from the University of Hartford Center for Judaic Studies, says the inscription on the jug was found in 2012. The Hebrew writing on the jug places Israelites in Jerusalem earlier than previously thought.

The jug also shows that Hebrew existed as a written language in 1000 BC which could have allowed Biblical recording in real-time.

The jug comes from the time of kind David and Solomon, pre-dating any prior finds by about 250 years. Archaeologists say that the writing on the jug, like a cell phone text, if looked at 3,000 years later, might not be understood. The letters on the jug are currently still being studied to determine their meaning.

This find could prove that the Old Testament was written in real time rather than years later.