Christian Teacher Suspended for ‘Misgendering’ Trans Pupil Sues School

A Christian teacher is suing his secondary school after being suspended for referring to a biologically female pupil as a “girl”.
Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, from Oxford, argues that he was not trained in the new, quickly evolving, gender politics and should not be forced to accept transgender ideology as a Christian.

He says he was investigated and suspended after he said, “well done, girls” to a group of female pupils, including a pupil who “identified” as a boy.

The teacher says he apologized immediately after the incident, but documents seen at the time showed that he had also referred to the pupil with the feminine pronouns “she” and “her” on other occasions.

The Christian is now suing the school for constructive dismissal and discrimination.

Mr. Sutcliffe later told senior staff that he didn’t think it was wrong to call a biologically female pupil a girl, but insists he did not use the term on purpose because he is a professional.

Now, he is arguing that forcing him to abide by transgender ideology, despite his personal beliefs, has breached his rights.