Clear Acrylic Book Weight

This transparent book weight is PERFECT for beach reading this summer!

This clear acrylic book weight holds pages down in a book so the wind doesn’t blow them and so you have your hands free.

This heavy but sleek book weight provides an elegant solution to hands-free reading. Great for when you are cooking, reading outside on a windy day, or enjoying a cup of coffee!

Makes a GREAT gift for book lovers, students, teachers, or cooks (including yourself)! Click here to purchase.


transparent-book-weightWhile nothing can be quite as relaxing as reading a good book on the beach, little is more aggravating than losing your place in a book because the wind blows the pages.

This transparent book weight (pictured left) holds the pages down while allowing you to read the words underneath it.

The paper weight is 7.3 inches wide by 8.3 long making it a great fit for most any book.

Click here to purchase.