Are You Ever Disappointed With Your Level of Faith?

Do you ever feel pressure or shame because your faith in Jesus isn’t radical or extreme enough? I ask this question because for the last several years, there has been a steady stream of books and conference speakers who seem to be saying the same thing — God demands more. You’re not doing enough. Get your act together.

God is holy. You are not. Try harder.

God is only pleased with people who express their faith in these very specific ways. So, you need to step it up and be like these people so that God will bless you the way he blesses them.

In case you’re wondering, these messages sound nothing like the gospel and they violate the most fundamental teachings of Christian spirituality. So, don’t buy into this kind of nonsense. It will only lead to fear, anxiety, and self-righteousness.

And if you ever feel the urge to do something extreme for Jesus, try this:

1. Turn your phone off.
2. Serve your spouse.
3. Give your full attention to your children or grandchildren.
4. See how many people you can encourage today.
6. Go outside… Walk and pray… Breathe and listen.
7. Don’t rush through the day. Step away from hurry.
8. When you’re with people, really listen to them.
These things are far more radical than they appear.