Florist Threatened With Court For Playing Christmas Carols

A florist in Birmingham has been told by council killjoys that he faces a court appearance if he continues playing Christmas carols on his flower stall as the annual ‘War on Christmas’ resumes.

City council scrooges have ordered 52-year-old Allan Poole to stop playing the traditional music that accompanies his Christmas flower display, reports the Birmingham Mail. Vowing that he will continue as he has for the last 10 years until magistrates slap a legal ban on him, Mr. Poole said:

“This is a nonsense. It’s Christmas and I’m playing Christmas music like every other trader…

“I have played carols through a speaker for more than 10 years and during that time have not had a single complaint.

“Every business plays music, including the German market. That is what happens at Christmas and the council needs to realise it.” Full Story