Heaven Power Points for Sermon

Joe Beam and Lee Wilson presented a study of Heaven at Pepperdine and Lipscomb Universities in 2006. The study was based off their book, The Real Heaven: It’s Not What You Think that was released in 2006 (They expanded the book in 2010 and released it under the title, “The True Heaven”). Due to requests, their power points are now available for free download and use in sermons and Bible classes here. For a Bible-study guide, purchase the book, The Real Heaven, along with downloading the following power points.

The Real Heaven The Real Heaven
What will Heaven be like? Have you ever wondered?

Do you want to know what the Bible means when it talks about “The New Earth” and “The Kingdom of Heaven?” If so, Lee Wilson and Joe Beam have teamed up to provide a fast-paced, exciting book on Heaven and the afterlife. […More information]