Leo's Toy Store

Leo’s Toy Store Brings Christmas Lesson

Leos-Toy-StoreAn Instant Christmas Classic That The Entire Family Will Enjoy!

Leo is the beloved owner of Leo’s Toy Store. His store is different because children can play with the toys even if they don’t buy them. Plus, Leo gives candy to the children who visit! The town loves Leo and he loves that his store brings such joy to children and parents alike. But a new landlord puts Leo’s Toy Store in jeopardy. The landlord wants to raise Leo’s rent to an amount he can’t afford. Can Leo save his store in time for Christmas? In this book your child will learn about placing other people’s needs above their own, and that money is not the most important thing in life. Parents you are not left out of this lovely story as you will learn lessons as well. A very enjoyable book for the whole family. Includes memory and reflection questions great for family or group discussion! BUY NOW