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Letter To Myself About Posting Politics On Facebook

Dear Passionate, Intense, Prone-to-Overreact Josh:

I’m concerned about you. You’re getting too worked up. I hope this little note helps you regain your perspective. The Facebook news feed is a dangerous neighborhood, so before you do or say anything you regret, I want to remind you of 5 inconvenient truths:

1. Nobody really cares about your political positions. Unsolicited opinions come from a place of arrogance and pride. Don’t fool yourself. Be thankful, do your job, love your family, honor Jesus, lead a quiet and humble life.

2. Ranting about politics (or anything for that matter) changes nothing. Don’t do it. You have bigger fish to fry.

3. It is immature and unwise to only accept people who agree with you. Jesus plainly taught against this. Don’t be the closed-minded guy who only associates with people who are just like you.

4. Using the Bible to support your views is a silly, misguided quest. Search the scriptures with honesty and diligence. Go wherever they lead you. Conform your beliefs and attitudes to the Bible, not the other way around.

5. Being easily offended is a character defect. If you plan to have meaningful, long-lasting relationships, you’ll need to get over yourself. Resilience is rare. Be tender-hearted and thick-skinned.


The Other Josh

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