A McDonald’s Nativity Painting Went Viral after 1 Woman Spotted Something Unusual

She wasn’t expecting to see this painted on a McDonald’s storefront in Spring Hill, TN.


These days a fury comes from Starbucks cups that are simply red and by misshaped Reese’s trees.

Using those things to claim there’s a “war” on Christmas sounds kind of ridiculous.

But even with those poor examples, it’s difficult to deny that businesses are not as willing today to display overtly Christian-related objects or references. “Merry Christmas” had been almost totally replaced with “Happy Holidays,” and nativity scenes have been replaced by Santa and his reindeer.

But bucking the system a bit is a McDonald’s in Spring Hill, TN who seems to put no stock in being politically correct. The fast-food restaurant has painted this nativity scene on their storefront window. And it isn’t just any nativity scene…

If you look closely you’ll see on the sides that the words “His Name Is Jesus” and “Rejoice” are boldly written. One woman was so excited to see the nativity in front of the Spring Hill McDonald’s that she took a photo that has now been shared on Facebook by the thousands! Source

Celebrating the real intent of a holiday shouldn’t be that controversial, but it seems to be these days. So please encourage keeping Christ in Christmas by sharing this on social media using the buttons below.