Nicolas Cage in The Carpenter's Son film.

Nicolas Cage To Star in Horror Film About the Childhood of Jesus Called, “The Carpenter’s Son.”

Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage is set to headline the upcoming film “The Carpenter’s Son,” a dark and intriguing tale focusing on the childhood of Jesus Christ. This new venture adds another significant role to Cage’s extensive and varied filmography.

Directed by the visionary Lofty Nathan, the film is scheduled to begin production this summer. Cage, renowned for his diverse acting skills and powerful screen presence, will take on the role of “the Carpenter,” a character believed to represent Joseph. Adding to the star-studded cast, Noah Jupe, who has garnered acclaim for his performances in “A Quiet Place” and “Honey Boy,” will portray “the Boy,” a role assumed to be Jesus. Furthermore, the multifaceted artist FKA twigs, also noted for her performance in “Honey Boy,” will play “the Mother,” a character likely depicting Mary.

At the age of 60, Nicolas Cage has cemented his legacy in Hollywood with a career spanning over a hundred films. His impressive body of work includes his Oscar-winning performance in “Leaving Las Vegas” (1996), where his portrayal of a down-and-out alcoholic won him critical acclaim. Beyond this, Cage has been the face of numerous box office hits and cult classics such as “National Treasure,” “Con Air,” “Face/Off,” “The Rock,” “The Family Man,” “Pig,” “Dream Scenario,” and the apocalyptic drama “Left Behind.”

According to Deadline, “The Carpenter’s Son” delves into the complex and dark story of a family in hiding during the tumultuous era of Roman Egypt. The narrative is inspired by the “Infancy Gospel of Thomas,” a second-century text that offers a glimpse into the early years of Jesus, though it is not recognized as authoritative by mainstream Christian denominations. This backdrop provides a rich and evocative setting for the film’s exploration of faith, identity, and power.

The storyline follows the Boy as he grapples with his identity, questioning who he truly is while discovering extraordinary powers within himself. This internal conflict leads to a rebellion against his family. As the Boy starts to harness and exercise his newfound abilities, his family becomes the target of various threats and horrors, both natural and divine. This tension promises a gripping narrative filled with emotional and supernatural elements, as noted by Deadline.

In a previous interview about his 2014 film “Left Behind,” which centers on the biblical concept of the rapture, Nicolas Cage reflected on the profound themes that resonate with audiences. He mentioned that the core of the movie, for him, was “family.” He elaborated, “It’s about owning our mistakes and getting back to what is genuinely valuable. And I think people can respond to that.” This sentiment highlights Cage’s affinity for roles that explore deep, universal themes, and his portrayal in “The Carpenter’s Son” is likely to be no different.

“Left Behind” is based on the 1995 best-selling novel by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The fictional narrative delves into the end times, focusing on the character Rayford Steele, portrayed by Cage, whose wife and son are among those who are raptured into heaven. This storyline, like “The Carpenter’s Son,” blends elements of the supernatural with profound human experiences, a combination that Cage excels at bringing to life on screen.

With “The Carpenter’s Son,” audiences can anticipate a film that not only showcases Nicolas Cage’s remarkable acting prowess but also explores timeless themes of faith, identity, and the complexities of family relationships against a historical and mystical backdrop. As production gears up, the anticipation for this unique and compelling story continues to build.