The Pitfalls of Pornography

As I am writing this, it is Sunday afternoon, and I have just returned home from Church. This morning I taught a group of young men on the issues of purity. Specifically, I was talking to them about the pitfalls of pornography. 

I was asked to teach this group because I have learned first-hand the damage that long-term indulgence in pornographic material can cause. Therefore, I was not teaching as one who has all the answers, or being held up as the model to follow, but rather as one who was willing to share my life experiences and what I have learned from them. In fact, I would say that the focus of my lesson probably should have been titled, “Don’t Do What I Did, And Here’s Why.”

It was shortly after completing the class that the idea of adapting part of my lesson into this article was born. Yes, I had an addiction to pornography for a long time. I have, however, by the grace of God been delivered from that addiction. Now as a full-time Minister of the Gospel I help others overcome various forms of addictive behaviors.

Pornography causes so much damage on so many levels and across so many areas in our lives that it is often difficult to focus in on one specific concern. I, however, am now convinced that one pitfall stands alone; and is worthy of that attention. This article, as most of my articles to date, is aimed at helping the male readers of this publication. I hope that the female readers who struggle with this issue are also benefiting from some of my writings. I think God, as of late, has been preparing me to write an article to the female audience on this subject. I will strive to keep that in prayer, and see what happens.

The issue that I want to focus on is the flawed view that some men have of women, which pornography helps to formulate (women can also experience this flawed view towards men). Indulgence in pornography helps to create the mindset that women are sex objects. Therefore, a woman’s value is determined by their physical attractiveness or by how much sexual arousal she causes in a man. This faulty viewpoint negates the fact that a woman has a mind, a personality, a soul, emotions, etc. To the man with this inccorect view, everything about a woman is based solely on her physical beauty or attributes. Hence, a woman that is considered to be physically attractive by a man is worthy of time and attention. A woman that is not considered to be physically attractive is not worthy of time and attention. This view is unhealthy and incorrect as far as God is concerned.

1 Timothy 5:2 says, “Treat older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.”

Pornography is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Certainly a large portion of this revenue stream is being provided by non-believers, but I wonder what percentage of it is provided by men or boys that claim to be evangelical Christians. I wonder what would happen if all those who claimed to be evangelical Christians really put the above passage into practice.

What percentage of man and boys would still view pornography if they really felt as if they were looking at their mother or their sister?