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Purity’s Connection To Peace

Dr. Bobby Harrington, a graduate of Abilene Christian University, speaks from the heart on the Bible’s teachings on purity and how it relates to experiencing peace with God and our daily lives.

You’ll also find a discussion guide below this video.

Home Group Discussion Guide

Getting Started
1. Who is the most authentic/genuine person you’ve ever met?

Engage the Word
Read Matthew 5:8-9 out loud.
1. What are the markers of a pure heart?
2. How does the condition of our heart affect our ability to see God at work?
3. Review the 3 ways the heart can become corrupted. Which one have you battled the most?
4. What does it mean to be a “peacemaker?” Draw out some real life scenarios where that
illustrates what Jesus is teaching here.

Live it Out
1. What issues/idols threaten the supremacy of God in your heart?
2. What keeps you from going all-in and giving your entire heart to God?
3. How could you be a peacemaker this week?

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