Reaching Out To Your Community

Many churches want to do something to reach out to their community and make a difference in the lives of their friends and neighbors, but don’t know exactly how to go about it. Acts 1:8 Ministry has introduced a plan for the local church to do just that. Local churches can use Acts 1:8 Ministry’s “Planned Acts of Christian Kindness” (PACK) program to rejuvenate their congregation members to share the love of Christ through special planned PACK events throughout their community.

Acts 1:8 Ministry is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization that is educating churches on how they can make a difference in their community with this powerful plan to reach out in Christian love and kindness. The cost to these congregations for the materials and assistance is ZERO. Acts 1:8 Ministry is determined to provide this information and resources at no cost to congregations willing to commit to the program. Supported by private donations, Acts 1:8 Ministry seeks Churches who have a desire to change the world for Christ, and want to start right in their own hometown. Whether your church has carried out successful community projects, or has had problems coming up with an outreach program that fits your people, Acts 1:8 would like the chance to show you what they can do to help.

Each interested Church will receive a simple commitment form to fill out. Acts 1:8 Ministry will use this information to determine if that Church is ready to meet the demands of the recommended outreach program offered by Acts 1:8 Ministry. Acts 1:8 will provide a complimentary program guide, CD, 101 ways to reach your community, book, and VHS tape, along with Free follow up support to help the church succeed in their chosen outreach venture. Many of their free materials are available for download on their web site.

With the experience that Acts 1:8 Ministry has gained over the years in helping churches in this area, the group can show your event leaders how to get your Church members excited about this inspiring ministry outreach. They also have learned valuable ways to keep costs low for the events, while at the same time creating excitement in your community about what your doing. Some events that have worked well are: Free Soda giveaways, hot dog giveaways, Free car washes and even a Belgian pie event in Green Bay, WI. This event was held by members of Pilgrim Lutheran Church, where they passed out 1,000 miniature Belgian pies and 1,000 music CDs at the local farmer’s market. This and other PACK events the church had organized over the Summer lead Green Bay, WI Mayor Paul F. Jadin to proclaim Saturday October 12, 2002 as “Random Acts of Christian Kindness Day” in his city and awarded a certificate to the members of Pilgrim Lutheran Church.

News and more information about these events are many times picked up by local newspapers, television and radio stations to let the community know of the event. This will increase awareness of the event and the purpose for holding it. This added promotion, which would have cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, in advertising dollars is in fact promoting the churches outreach event at no cost as a news or public service message.

The purpose Acts 1:8 Ministry has for helping churches around the world reach out to their communities in this way, is as simple and straight forward as the great commission, to share the love of Jesus Christ worldwide. One of the reasons this type of outreach is such a success is it gets people talking about it. Many people will ask, “Why are you doing this?” This question and others like it will open the door for you to tell the people that your goal is to show God’s Love in a practical way. This will also open the door to sharing the Gospel with people in your community, and show the people you interact with, that Christianity is not just a religion, it is a relationship with the living God. You will be showing that not only did God come to earth to save mankind for sin and death, but also he has sent his church into the world to continue reaching out to that world with his love and concern until he returns.

Two powerful things happen when your church gets involved in the PACK program: First, your church members get excited about doing this ministry and reaching out to others in the community. Second, and most important, people’s hearts are open to hearing the Gospel message and souls are won to Christ in the process. What better way is there to spend time, then in doing something that has an eternal effect on the lives of your people and those who live and work in your community.

Acts 1:8 Ministry has a goal to reach out and grow from a local ministry support system to involve churches in a positive way throughout the state, national, and worldwide levels. Just as the Bible states in Acts 1:8, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

If you or your church would like to become involved in this opportunity to reach out to your community with the PACK program, you can contact Acts 1:8 Ministry for a free PACK Kit and more information how to begin your outreach of “Planned Acts of Christian Kindness” in your local community. If you would like to help Acts 1:8 Ministry reach out and help churches around the work in this effort you can donate to this ministry. Either way you can receive more information about this powerful outreach ministry by going to there website at or calling Acts 1:8 Ministry’s President, Jeff Van Beaver at (920) 366-4339.

Terry Whitsitt
Fort Duchesne, UT

Terry is a Born Again Christian, freelance writer and syndicated columnist. His newspaper columns The Classic Movie Corner, and Classic Movie Questions are carried in newspapers and magazines in several major cities. Terry is also an aspiring actor, and has appeared in live theatre as well a TV and movies. He is the Webmaster and Co-owner of The Christian Websites Directory & Search Engine and owner of WebTech Design Group, a Christian web design and hosting company.