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Becoming One: Emotionally, Spiritually and Sexually

Joe Beam’s amazingly successful formula for bringing intimacy back into marriage was chronicled on Good Morning America. He has brought renewal to thousands of marriages through countless seminars and now he reveals his groundbreaking insight in his Becoming One marriage book.

No matter what your marriage is like today, the principles taught in this award-winning marriage book can create new feelings of love and intimacy where little exist, or it can enrich the loving relationship you may already have. Learn how to experience deeper levels of closeness on an emotional level, exciting intensity in your sexual relationship, and the most fulfilling intimacy of all–spiritual oneness.

God doesn’t want you to simply exist in your marriage; He wants you to flourish and thrive to his glory. Open this award-winning marriage-enrichment book, and you will open the way to the intimacy you’ve always wanted.

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Note: Up to 15% of your purchase is donated to GCM.

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