Scripture makes several promises to those who seek God:

– Deut. 4:29-30 – those who seek God “will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

-Ps. 9:10 – “you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

-Ps. 34:10 – “those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”

-Ps. 119:2 – “blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart.”

-Amos 5:4 – “seek me and live.”

Think about it.  Scripture says that if we seek God we

– will find him

– never be forsaken

– lack no good thing

– be blessed, and

– will live.

Those are amazing promises; truly incredible expectations.  Could they be true?

Is there anyone else or anything else that truly delivers what Scripture says comes from seeking God?  Even though most would agree that there is not, we spend so much time, effort and energy trying to find acceptance, good things, blessings and life in all the wrong places and from many people, though well intended, can’t deliver on our expectations.

Could it be that the challenge of seeking God with all our heart is not a test of our commitment, but a wise admonishment due to our ability to be so easily distracted?  There is a way in which God is everywhere and in every place and should be easy to see, acknowledge and find.  But in another way God seems hidden, shy and mysterious and so difficult to connect with.  So it seems that seeking him is the pursuit of a lifetime and a pursuit that demands the totality of our being.  If we are too easily distracted to other, lesser, easier pursuits, then we will not find him nor the acceptance, good things, blessings, and life our hearts truly desire.

In Genesis 3:8-10 we witness a scene that has been re-enacted over and over again throughout human history.  Adam and Eve decided not to trust and believe God and instead believed and trusted the words of the serpent.  Such lack of trust is the root of all sin.  As a result, when God comes walking through the garden in the “cool of the day” to spend time with Adam and Eve, they hide from him.  Instead of seeking his presence as they have everyday before that day, they avoid him and even hide from him.  Their sin did not keep God from seeking time with Adam and Eve, but it so impacted them that they felt they could not be in his presence and, therefore, they hid.  Mankind has been hiding from God ever since.

Deep in your heart, in the quietest place in your soul, have you heard a faint calling from God, your Father, inviting you to turn from all the busyness and other pursuits of your life and just spend some time with him?  Maybe you couldn’t even make out the exact words of the invitation, but you heard something and it seemed to be from him.  Or maybe it just seemed to be a call to something different;  something more; something “other-worldly.”  How did you answer that call?  How did you respond to the tug of your heart to spend time with the Father?  Did you simply ignore it?  Or maybe you requested a deferral to another time?  A time when you “have more time”?  Or a time when you have your stuff together?  You know the “stuff” I am referring.  Maybe a time when you have cleaned up the sin you are struggling with or can better cover your mess?

Why do we sometimes try to avoid God?  Or even try to hide from God?  Is it not because of the same reason Adam and Eve hid – sin?

I have some really good news.  Remember when Jesus came to the planet, he came and “hung” with sinners!  Sin has never kept God the Father or the Son from wanting to be with his people!  The cross means our guilt is taken away and we don’t have to hide.  Could it be that the cross was to assure us that we did not need to hide from the Father any more.  We could seek him and find him.

Let me encourage you to make the following three commitments:

#1 – I will not hide from God nor my brothers and sisters in Christ who will help me experience God.

#2 – I will not avoid God.

#3 – I will actively seek God in Scriptures (it is God-breathed), in me (I bear his image and his Spirit), in others (they also bear his image and his Spirit) and in all created things (since he is understood from what he has made, Romans 1:20).

Happy seeking!