‘Stomp On Jesus’ Professor On Paid Leave For His Safety

Deandre Poole, the professor who told his students to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper, then ordered them to stomp on it, is on paid leave reportedly for his own safety.

Poole, who is also the vice chairman of the local Democratic Party, told students in his class to stomp on the written name of Jesus, but one student, Ryan Rotela, refused to participate in the activity and reported Professor Poole to his supervisor. Shortly after, in apparent retaliation, Rotela was suspended from Poole’s class.

After the story made national headlines and received outcry from parents, Christian groups, as well as those concerned with civil liberties, Poole alleged threats were made against him. Florida Atlantic University has now placed him on paid leave, not to punish his actions, but for his own safety.

One has to wonder if a similar assignment had been given using the name of another religious figure, such as Buddha, or perceived prophets, such as Mohammad, if Poole would still have a job.