Some Unfiltered Takeaways from the 2016 Presidential Election

1.Thank God it’s finally over!

2. Donald Trump is not the first morally compromised person to become president. Let’s not be naïve about that.

3. The flagrant wickedness from both candidates is appalling. Christians who are not willing to admit this should re-read the Bible they claim to rely on.

4. My true character is revealed when I DON’T get my way. Shouting and pouting are not fruits of the Spirit.

5.My true character is revealed when I DO get my way. Boasting and gloating are not fruits of the Spirit.

6. The local church is the hope of the world because it has been given access to the greatest power in the world.

7. America is deeply divided and mortally wounded. No president can heal us. Only one Man can do that.

8. Too many of us are more passionate about politics than we’ve ever been about knowing God and advancing his kingdom.

9. Making disciples of Jesus is the greatest cause on earth. Until the church in America wakes up to this truth, we’ll continue to get the same ole same ole.

10. Thank God it’s finally over.