Update: Pastor Saeed Abedini Released From Solitary Confinement

After spending his 33rd birthday inside the “small dark hole” of solitary confinement, U.S. Pastor Saeed Abedini has been returned to the general prison population of Evin Prison in Iran. But that doesn’t mean that he is out of danger.

“His release from solitary is a direct result of the multitudes praying. I am relieved my husband is out of solitary, but still am deeply concerned about Saeed’s health. While this is a small victory, I am still demanding justice be done and that Saeed be released,” Abedini’s wife, Naghmeh, said in a statement posted by The American Center for Law and Justice.

The pastor, who has been in jail in Tehran since September 2012 and was sentenced to eight years in prison in January, supposedly for endangering national security, had been in solitary confinement for more than a week.

The ACLJ, which represents his wife and two children back in the U.S., has warned that Abedini is in need of medical attention for a number of health issues brought about by beatings received from prison guards, but so far prison officials have refused to provide him with that care.

In our previous report about Pastor Saeed, we provided a background on his arrest by Iranians who claimed that his planting of house churches endangered national security. While kepts at the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran, he has been severely beaten and told that if he did not denounce Jesus Christ that he would not be released from prison. So while his release from solitary confinement is a step in the right direction, the injustice and human rights violations continue to mount in addition to the continuing danger faced by Pastor Saeed.