The Beatitides (remixed)…

(A paraphrased, moment-specific Beatitides, inspired by Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew 5:3-11. Though not to be confused with actual scripture, it speaks truth.)

by Josh Patrick

Blessed are the un-offendable, for they shall be unusually happy.

Blessed are those who realize that their political views are not infallible, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who wait on the Lord (rather than make things happen themselves), for their faith will yield much fruit.

Blessed are those who refuse to be drawn into other people’s drama, for they will be given much peace.

Blessed are the tenaciously hopeful, for they are the light of the world.

Blessed are the reflective, quiet souls among us, for they will be granted wisdom from God.

Blessed are those who eliminate resentment and let go of grudges, for they will be set free.

Blessed are those who befriend the lonely, for they are a lot like Jesus.

Blessed are those who embrace the hurting, the discouraged, the hard-to-love, for they will feel the warmth of the smile of God.

Blessed are those who remove religious cliches and Christian-ese from their vocabulary, for their speech shall be like refreshing water.

Blessed are the anxious, for they are near to the heart of God.

Blessed are the joy-challenged, for they are precious in the eyes of God.

Blessed are the doubters, the cynics, the questioners, for they have more faith than they may realize.

Blessed are the resilient, for great will be their reward when the race is finished.

Blessed are the self-aware, for they will experience deep transformation.

Blessed are the risk-takers, for they will see and experience things that others simply won’t.

Blessed are those who admit their mistakes and confess their sins, for they shall see God.