Fireproof Movie Review

If you’ve never heard of “Fireproof” the movie, that could mean you are not a member of a faith-based community.

On the other hand, it just might mean that you haven’t stumbled upon this new release that packed the 839 theaters where it opened over the weekend.

Ever heard of the Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia? Well, that’s the church behind this show. It’s the same church that developed “Facing the Giants” a few years back.

Is Fireproof high-quality? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Some of the acting is amateurish. On the other hand, some of the performances are astonishing.

This time, the Sherwood folks found a professional actor, Kirk Cameron (a devout Christian and evangelist in real life). He plays Caleb Holt, a firefighter who lives by the rule “Never leave your partner behind.”

He is, however, leaving behind his wife, Catherine (Erin Bethea, ‘Facing the Giants”). They have been married for several years but they simply can’t stop squabblnig. She feels he does not respect her, and he feels that she complains all the time.

Both handle stress from their careers. Catherine is the public relations director of a hospital. They bicker about money and housework, and they’re about to throw in the towel after an especially heated argument.

Caleb turns to his dad, who asks his son to commit to a 40-day “Love Dare,” a sort of day-by-day guide to proving Caleb’s commitment to Catherine. “How am I supposed to show love to somebody who constantly rejects me?” Caleb asks. Nonetheless, Caleb’s parents, who like Catherine, encourage him to try to mend his marriage.

So does his friend, Lt. Michael Simmons (the talented newcomer Ken Bevel, who has a natural, likable presence before the camera and who steals nearly every scene) who is committed to his faith and his marriage. Michael encourages Caleb to stay determined as he sorts out his marital problems, while in the meantime Catherine becomes close to a new friend who makes her struggle even more complicated.

Fireproof is a faith-based film that is mostly a drama with some (often cornball) humor sprinkled throughout. The Kendricks have a knack for writing realistic, everyday dialogue that will ring true with listeners, and the characters are ordinary people with commonplace problems. Fireproof is a ministry within a movie.

Fireproof Cast
Director: Alex Kendrick.
Screenwriters: Alex and Stephen Kendrick.
Running time: 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Rated: PG for adult themes.
Stars: Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Ken Bevel, Harris Malcom, Phyllis Malcom and Stephen Dervan.

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