Getting Past Guilt: Embracing God’s Forgiveness

“Getting Past Guilt is a book I am going to recommend again and again. I meet too many saved people who have been trained to feel insecure. This book will help replace false teaching with truth, doubt with confidence, and anxiety before God with praise for His grace. Joe Beam has hit a spiritual ‘home run’ with this book. “ -Dr. Rubel Shelly

Getting Past Guilt: Embracing God’s Forgiveness

Forgiveness. The word itself fills our hearts with peace and hope and sends our spirits soaring. But countless Christians are plagued by haunting feelings of shame and inadequacy. While their heads tell them they are forgiven, their hearts cry out that they are guilty.

This encouraging book by Joe Beam gets right to the heart of the questions that steal the joy God intends for your life:

  • Where does guilt come from?
  • Why do I sin?
  • Why can’t I stop feeling guilty?
  • Why can’t I believe God will forgive me?
  • Why do I have these doubts?

In this book, Joe Beam gently unmasks your fears and reveals assurances and teachings from God’s Word that will fill you with the peace you crave. Whether this book is for you or someone you love, Getting Past Guilt will make the full force of God’s tender mercy a reality.

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