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A Heart Like Mary’s

When it’s expedient to use a nickname online I like to call myself “Merry Heart.” I love the dual meaning of having a joyful heart as well as a heart like Mary the sister of Martha. I give myself the nickname not because I think it accurately describes me, but because I would like it to describe me.

I have always admired Mary, and felt sorry for Martha who really had a very good heart and worked so hard but in the end was chastised for it. Why would Jesus reprove a ‘type A’ personality with a Protestant work ethic and a potential Mennonite gene when obviously that was part of her created nature?

If it was part of her natural bent, how could she help being that way? But Jesus saw below the surface and recognized a ‘religious heart.’ Martha’s heart for Jesus had very subtle motivations that were indeed hidden, even from herself.

She wanted to be diligent, she wanted to serve, she wanted to do what was right—but why? We can only speculate as to her true inner motivations which weren’t considered necessary to the biblical account. However, the fruit of these hidden agendas showed up in the negative emotions of anxiety and resentment and–dare I say it–a controlling spirit. In the midst of her devotion and care for Jesus she was suddenly telling Him what He was to say to her unhelpful sister! Oops! Your lack of charity is showing, girl.

In His magnanimous way, Jesus gently exposed her hidden religiosity that loves to give as long as it is recognized, while firmly vindicating Mary’s posture of receiving. It has touched me that Mary did not defend or justify herself — she simply listened. She did not even make an effort to express her love to Jesus. She simply received.

She understood that the important thing in life is not about how much I do for God, or even how much I love God, but how much I let Him love me! Which is why I see these two women as representing two ways that I can live my Christian faith: Martha welcomed Jesus into her home, but Mary welcomed Jesus into her heart. O come to my heart, Lord Jesus!

“You are a people holy to the Lord your God and the Lord has chosen you to be a people for His TREASURED POSSESSION.” Deuteronomy 14:2

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