Obama To Deport Christian Family For Homeschooling

The same President who wants to grant amnesty to people who came to the United States illegally, and who just last week released thousands of illegals who had actually committed crimes, wants to deport a Christian family who used legal channels to come to the United States simply because they want to home school their children.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike decided to home school their children in 2006 because the curriculum at their public school ran counter to the family’s Christian convictions. German law, however, mandates that children attend a public or state-approved school. The local mayor informed the family that they would face fines and could lose the custody of their children if they did not attend a local, government-approved school. The parents also faced potential jail time.

The government fined the family heavily and actually seized the children to force them to attend school. The family applied for asylum in the United States and an immigration judge granted it to them, citing a well-founded fear of persecution if they returned to Germany. The Romeikes immigrated to Tennessee in 2008. President Barack Obama, who has been an open supporter of granting other citizens amnesty who broke laws to enter the United States, now seeks to deport this family who sought and acquired legal means to enter the United States.

President Barack Obama extended asylum in 2011 to persecuted gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals in other countries. “If it’s the case that sexual minorities of that sort deserve protection, then it’s no less true that religious minorities deserve protection,” said Timothy Shah, associate director of the Religious Freedom Project at Georgetown University.

According to Obama’s Department of Justice, he seeks deportion because, according to them, homeschooling is not a fundamental right of parents.

That President Obama would actually step in to deport this family after just last week releasing illegal aliens who had committed crimes within the United States is a stunning development and very telling of this President’s objectives. Please share this story.