Submission Instructions

Want to become a writer for a high-trafficked Christian website? We’re looking for Christian men and women who are passionate about writing and building their audience.

Requirements for contributing authors
1. Willing to post at least a couple of original articles (not duplicated anywhere else on the web) per month. This is because we’re looking for writers to have regular columns to build an audience. We help you by providing you a profile page with a bio, picture, link to your website and to your social accounts like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll get more traffic to your website and, most importantly, grow your audience for your future projects.
2. The ability to write in conversational English with solid grammar.
3. Willingness to promote your articles to your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Google+ circles.
4. Knowledge of the Bible. You don’t have to have a theology degree, but you need to be a student of the Word.

If you’re interested in writing for, send an email to submissions |at| gracecentered dot com with the following information:

1. A short biography (a paragraph or two).
2. Websites you’re associated with including a Facebook and/or Twitter page.
3. A sample article between 650 and 1500 words.
4. How often you would contribute.
5. Any books you’ve written.

Please paste the article into your email and please use a standard font such as Arial or Times with a font size of 12 to 14. Review your article carefully for typos and please remember that we do not accept articles that are duplicated elsewhere on the Internet so if you were to become a writer for us we would expect your content to be original and only published on