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  • Two Simple Questions…

    Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve already asked the first and recognized the truth of Jesus Christ. But the second question is harder to ask, and harder still to act on. It requires us to look beyond ourselves and out into the world. It may involve discomfort. It may involve travel.

  • Judas’ Psychological Profile

    No, there is no “Breaking News” here. Wolf Blitzer hasn’t reported a new archaeological find just outside Jerusalem. No brain scan was just discovered. And there is no long-hidden-in-the-Vatican-archives suicide note from Judas Iscariot. It’s just that the events of last week got me to thinking about some of the most notorious villains of history. What psychological anomaly made them do it?

  • When the Church Refuses To Judge itself

    This may be news to some believers, but the church is to be self-critical. It is to actually assess, discern and judge what is happening in its midst and in its name. We Christians are to be constantly tending to the condition of our own camp. Not to do so is to invite trouble.

  • Imagine a World Devoid of God

    Recently a man I admit I respect, Stephen Fry, gave an interview. Fry is an atheist and an incredibly intelligent – in the world’s terms – man, well educated although I forget if it was Oxford or Cambridge he went to, and a man of quick wit and smart, pithy answers to most questions. Which is why I was so gobsmacked at the tirade that poured out of him when asked about what he would do if he ever met God.

  • ‘Life Is Miserable in Pakistan’ — Activist and Friend of Shahbaz Bhatti Says Blasphemy Laws, Anti-West Sentiment Provoke Christian Persecution

    A former Pakistani parliamentarian advocating for equal treatment for religious minorities back home claims life is sometimes hell for the Islamic Republic’s Christian minorities, who are often victimized by blasphemy laws and bear the brunt of public resentment against Western nations like the United States.

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