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  • Jewels Overlooked in the Story of Job

    The Old Testament book of Job is an ancient and mysterious piece of literature. Often we focus on its main message to the neglect of the little gems of understanding hidden in its recesses.

  • 8 Signs You Were A Youth Group Kid in the Early 90’s or Late 80’s

    Whether or not you were actually a member of a youth group during the 1980’s or 90’s, you will likely remember several of these trends that Christian teens from that time period would identify with.

  • Should My Offering Only Go To My Church?

    One of today’s popular teachings is that one’s offerings should be given only at his home church. I suppose some of this is a reaction to all of the televangelists of the 70’s and 80’s who urged people to send them their tithes.

  • Does Your Insurance Provide Obamacare Abortion Coverage?

    WASHINGTON — Two pro-life research groups announced Thursday on Capitol Hill that they’ve launched a new website designed to help healthcare consumers figure out which Obamacare plans include surcharges that will go directly toward funding abortions.

  • 5 Facebook Mistakes

    I suppose this could be about all social media, but Facebook seems to take up most of our time on the computer these days (and for the foreseeable future?). As with all things we need wisdom to use such a gift … and yes, I do regard Facebook as a gift. It is a free utility that allows us to connect with so many people that we might not hear from otherwise.

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