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  • Mothers with Objections to Islamic Curriculum in Public School Hire Law Firm

    Two mothers of seventh graders who attend Chatham Middle School in New Jersey have hired the Thomas More Law Center, a public interest law firm, after their legitimate objections to pro-Islamic curriculum in their children’s classes have resulted in personal and social media attacks upon them within their community.

  • Jesus’ Burial Shrine in Jerusalem Restored in Time for Easter

    Work ends on $4 million renovation of Edicule in Church of the Holy Sepulcher, with pilgrims now able to see stone of ancient burial cave for first time • Restoration funded by World Monuments Fund, PA President Abbas, Jordan’s King Abdullah, and others.

  • In an Israeli Warehouse, Clues About Jesus’ Life and Death

    In a cavernous warehouse where Israel stores its archaeological treasures, an ancient burial box is inscribed with the name of Jesus.

  • A Heart Like Mary’s

    I have always admired Mary, and felt sorry for Martha who really had a very good heart and worked so hard but in the end was chastised for it.

  • Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King

    If the life of Martin Luther King teaches us anything, it’s that racial reconciliation is not a fad to try out or a bandwagon to jump on. It’s a serious project that requires prayer, risk, courage, dedication, and lots of Christ-like love over a long period of time. The church should be leading the culture in this great cause, but we are far behind. Here are 5 ways we can move the ball down the field. 1. Befriend someone who doesn’t look like you or share your cultural background. Don’t just sit with them at church or extend common courtesy. Move toward people of different races. Create space in your […]

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    This is PERFECT for beach reading this summer! This clear acrylic book weight holds pages down so the wind doesn't ...

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