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  • Party Time

    Somewhere in the last 2000 years we’ve missed the point. Church is a solemn and depressing place in many denominational parishes. The quiet “reverence” of the buildings misses the point. Masses in latin, canticles in old English or the more modern service books all emphasise the necessity to be quiet in God’s presence.

  • Navy removes Bibles from guest rooms

    There is growing outrage among sailors and religious liberty advocates over a directive that calls for the removal of Bibles from lodges and hotels run on U.S. Navy bases. The directive comes after an atheist group filed a formal complaint earlier this year over the placement of Bibles in the rooms.

  • An Eye for an Eye

    One can make a good case that the biblical directive about eye-for-eye justice is among the most misunderstood – and misused – texts in Scripture…and maybe not in the way you think!

  • An Interview With Author Mavis Thompson

    This begins our series of interviews with Christian authors. We’ll dive right in with straight-forward question and let the authors answer. These questions are for Mavis Thompson, author of the book Angels Come In Strange Disguises.

  • An Interview With Dr. Bobby Harrington

    Dr. Bobby Harrington has written several articles for GraceCentered.com in addition to authoring several books about Christianity and discipleship. We caught up with Bobby and interviewed him about what he and his ministry are doing these days, one item of interest being a national conference/forum about discipleship.

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