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  • IRS sued for refusing to release secret ‘church investigations’ procedures

    Government watchdog groups have filed a motion in federal court to compel the IRS to reveal how it determines when to initiate “church investigations” after accusing the tax-collecting agency of “stonewalling” efforts to bring to light its procedures.

  • The Flight Of A Million Christians

    Christians in Syria are fleeing their homes at a far higher rate than hitherto reported.

  • Love The Lord First

    I love my husband. He is my best friend, lover and leader of our household. He is a pretty swell guy. He makes my heart swoon. And yet, there is another man in my life who trumps my husband every time.

  • Easter and the Moon

    As I flip the calendar into April, I turn the page from winter and look forward to spring breezes, budding flowers, and the hope that the patches of brown in my front lawn will soon turn to green. In some parts of the country, spring beckons with intermittent moments of grandeur as we jump erratically from warm to cold and back again. Today while sitting at the breakfast table, I watch a spray of sunshine shimmer past my window across the newly resurrected lawn where sprigs of green have begun to emerge. Yes, spring will soon begin, and with spring comes the resurrection of life both in nature and for […]

  • The Young Messiah

    Inspired by Scripture and rooted in history, “The Young Messiah” film imagines one year in the boyhood of Jesus Christ.

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    Leo is the beloved owner of Leo's Toy Store. His store is different because children can play with the toys even if...

  • Clear Acrylic Book Weight

    This is PERFECT for beach reading this summer! This clear acrylic book weight holds pages down so the wind doesn't ...

  • The Book Journal: Your Reading Adventure

    Reading is an adventure that must be chronicled and The Book Journal brings out the details of your favorite reads ...

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