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  • Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King

    If the life of Martin Luther King teaches us anything, it’s that racial reconciliation is not a fad to try out or a bandwagon to jump on. It’s a serious project that requires prayer, risk, courage, dedication, and lots of Christ-like love over a long period of time. The church should be leading the culture in this great cause, but we are far behind. Here are 5 ways we can move the ball down the field. 1. Befriend someone who doesn’t look like you or share your cultural background. Don’t just sit with them at church or extend common courtesy. Move toward people of different races. Create space in your […]

  • Fred’s Store Displays Easter Crucifixion Made From Mr. Pibb’s

    A Fred’s store in Murfreesboro, TN displays Easter crosses made from Mr. Pibb’s packages.

  • Turn My Eyes Away

    Worthless things. I wonder if we had an inventory of everything we looked at today whether it was online or in our non-digital world … how much of our vision was held captive by worthless things? Oh I know you’re thinking about pornography or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (which is pornography, in case you haven’t figured that out) or some other lust-fueled imagery. Yes, those are worthless things from which we need to turn our eyes. But there’s more. What things are you looking at that make your blood boil? Is that steam coming from your ears because you didn’t like someone’s latest political comment or you were offended […]

  • 5 Decisions That Liberate The Soul

    I will be intentionally grateful. Every single day. The goodness of God is on display 24/7 in my life. I don’t deserve the life he has graciously given to me.

  • Are Baptists Going To Heaven?

    Are baptist going to heaven?

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    Leo is the beloved owner of Leo's Toy Store. His store is different because children can play with the toys even if...

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    This is PERFECT for beach reading this summer! This clear acrylic book weight holds pages down so the wind doesn't ...

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    Reading is an adventure that must be chronicled and The Book Journal brings out the details of your favorite reads ...

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