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  • Faith-Based Film Filled With F-Bombs

    ‘Generational Sins’ features expletives and references to child abuse and alcoholism: “We live in an R-rated world, and covering up the darkness won’t bring it into the light,” says executive producer Thurman Mason.

  • “Feed your flesh… starve your soul.”

    That’s the prevailing message of our day. All the money and pleasure and comfort and security and Netflix and technology in the world can’t ultimately satisfy a person’s soul.

  • The Word of Life (1 John 1:1-4)

    1 John is organized around two central truths: “God is light” and “God is love.” Both are known through the manifestation of the “Word of Life,” which is the central message of the Christian Faith.

  • The Grace “But”

    I rarely heard about, or witnessed, grace in my younger years. When I attended Bible college much of my doctrine was reinforced through classes that also rarely stressed grace. I was taught to play biblical hop-scotch with verses pulled from contexts to win debates.

  • A Prayer For When You Are Afraid

    A prayer for when you are afraid by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A prayer to help those in troubled and painful times.

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    Reading is an adventure that must be chronicled and The Book Journal brings out the details of your favorite reads ...

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