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  • No Man Influences Me! (Really?)

    Are we really being honest with ourselves about who influences our views about the Bible?

  • Social Media: Don’t Be That Church (Funny)

    Your church is using social media to be visible in your community and to engage church members, right? Either way, you’ll get a chuckle out of this video.

  • ‘I Don’t Judge People’

    Of all places, there is an insightful line about the necessity of passing personal judgment that comes from a new one-act play. As reported in a review carried in the New York Times, here is the way a debate goes between the play’s two central characters:

  • A Texas Minister Set Himself On Fire And Died To ‘Inspire’ Justice

    One Monday in June, 79-year-old Charles Moore, a retired United Methodist minister, drove to Grand Saline, Tex., his childhood home town some 70 miles east of Dallas. He pulled into a strip mall parking lot, knelt down on a small piece of foam and doused himself with gasoline.

    Then, witnesses said, he set himself on fire.

  • Asking Strangers for Food in NYC! You Won’t Believe How It Ends!

    This video is of a social experiment where a man asks strangers for food on the streets of New York City and you’ll be stunned by some of the responses.

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