“Expelled” Movie by Ben Stein

Watch Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
by Ben Stein

What Happened to Freedom of Speech?

In a Major Motion Picture Release Ben Stein exposes the frightening agenda of the “Darwinian Machine” in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) August 28, 2007 – It’s a movie that Ferris Bueller would take the day off to go see. What freedom-loving student wouldn’t be outraged to discover that his high school science teacher is teaching a theory as indisputable fact, and that university professors unmercifully crush any fellow scientists who dare question the prevailing system of belief? This isn’t the latest Hollywood comedy; it’s a disturbing new documentary that will shock anyone who thinks all scientists are free to follow the evidence wherever it may lead. You may watch the full version of Expelled on this page. Please share this page with others.